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War and peace : the relations between Liu Song and Northern Wei

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This thesis mainly takes the war and envoys exchanges between the Liu Song Dynasty and the Northern Wei Dynasty as clues to study the relations between these two regimes. The confrontation period can be categorized into three stages. The first stage is from 420 to 441. From 442 to 469 is the second stage. And during the period between 470 and 479 is the third stage. After making a detailed analysis and research on the situation of war or peace in these three stages, the changing process and development of the relations between Liu Song and Northern Wei are clear. During these three stages, the factors, such as the strength of national power, the contrast of national comprehensive strength, geographical conditions, rulers‘ foreign policies and so on, were changing constantly, which brought different influences to the relations between these two states. Besides, a remarkable phenomenon appeared frequently in the first and second stage. The weaker Liu Song took the initiative to launch attacks while the stronger Northern Wei tended to defend and fight back. This phenomenon in turn widened the strength gap, so in the third stage, Northern Wei obtained more advantages in the confrontation, but Liu Song was on the decline and demise at last. Moreover, this strength gap retained and existed afterward, which also had a long-term impact on the relations between other northern and southern regimes in the Northern and Southern Dynasties.

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Feng, Wei Yao


Faculty of Social Sciences


Department of History




China -- History -- Liu Song dynasty, 420-479

China -- History -- Northern Wei dynasty, 386-534



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