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Vibration control and parametric study on rotating plates by constrained layer damping patches

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This thesis studies the vibration control on rotating plates by constrained layer damped plate patches. Most existing research utilizes full coverage constrained layer damping. However, it has been shown that full coverage damping cannot effectively reduce the torsion vibration. Through the models investigated, this thesis develops a plate finite element model for a rotating structure with two separate constrained layer damping patches to reduce both the bending and torsion vibration of rotating plates. Furthermore, the viscoelastic damping materials are frequency and temperature dependent and no one has studied modeling of frequency dependency of constrained layer damping on rotating plates. Therefore, this work also integrate frequency dependent damping layer into the finite element model by anelastic displacement fields (ADF) approach. From the numerical results it can be seen that this model with ADF feature is validated and can be utilized for further studies which frequency dependency must be included. However, it has to be noted that ADF modeling is leading to a quite large size of matrixes. Therefore, due to the limitations of computational capabilities, ADF modeling is not applied to study the vibration reduction performance of CLD patches on rotating plates. Finally, with the validated finite element models with constrained layer damping patches, different parametric studies have been conducted. These parameters include locations of two patches on the rotating plate, length of CLD patches in the longitudinal direction, and the width of two CLD patches. From the parametric studies, it can be seen that unlike the plate with fully covered CLD layer, torsion vibration of rotating plates can be effective reduced with CLD patches. In addition, variations of these selected parameters can also have an apparent impact on the second bending mode by shifting the natural frequency of the second bending mode.

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Lo, Kin Heng


Faculty of Science and Technology


Department of Electromechanical Engineering





Damping (Mechanics)


Xie, Zheng Chao

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