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銀川市消費者對社區藥師提供 OTC 藥學服務的感知

English Abstract

Objective To explore the perception of Yinchuan consumers regarding pharmaceutical care of OTC drugs by community pharmacists, with specific focus on expectations, experiences and barriers. Method Semi-structured interviews were selected. 100 consumers were recruited randomly across 3 districts in Yinchuan, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. Data was transcribed with the Microsoft Excel 2011, then analyzed by category and summarized. Key finding Most consumers hope they can choose the right, economy OTC drugs, and use them safety and effective in the community pharmacies. However, the reality experience lead consumers were dissatisfied with community pharmacist’s professional ability and attitude. So, the majority consumers would like to meet their need for treatment by way of self-care. Since consumers lack the pharmacy knowledge, even overestimate their own ability, make self-care has brought great risks. Meanwhile, consumers put forward to promote pharmaceutical care conducted views. Conclusion On the surface, consumers expect pharmaceutical care. But by the adverse impact of the actual purchase experience in community pharmacies, they refuse pharmaceutical care provided by community pharmacists. In addition, consumers get pharmaceutical information more convenient, so that they overestimate their own abilities. This is also the impediments pharmaceutical care development. Key words: Consumer; Non-prescription drugs; Pharmaceutical care; Community pharmacist;Community pharmacy

Chinese Abstract

研究目的 了解消費者感知到的社區藥師提供非處方藥品的藥學服務,特別關注了期 望、經歷和障礙。 研究方法 研究採用了半結構化訪談的方法進行。100 例訪談研究在寧夏回族自治區 銀川市進行,採用隨機招募的方式選取受訪者。數據轉錄至 Microsoft Excel 2011 中,進行逐類分析并總結。 研究發現 消費者希望在社區藥房就能夠選擇正確的、經濟性的藥品,並且獲得安全、 有效服用的信息。然而在社區藥房中的購藥經歷讓消費者對社區藥師的執業資 格、專業能力、執業態度均不滿意。因此多數消費者選擇通過自我護理的方式 滿足自己的用藥需求,但由於缺乏醫、藥學知識,且消費者并不自知,給自我 護理帶來了極大的風險。同時,消費者從自身角度提出了推動藥學服務開展的 意見。 結論 消費者表面期望藥學服務,但受實際購藥不良經歷的影響而拒絕社區藥師 提供的藥學服務;此外,醫藥訊息的獲取愈發便利,消費者過高的評估了自身 的能力,也是阻礙藥學服務發展的因素。 關鍵詞 消費者;非處方藥品;藥學服務;社區藥師;社區藥房

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Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences




Pharmacists -- China -- Ning Hsia Hui Autonomous Region

藥劑師 -- 中國 -- 寧夏回族自治區

Community health services -- China -- Ning Hsia Hui Autonomous Region

社區健康服務 -- 中國 -- 寧夏回族自治區



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