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社區藥劑師關於 OTC 西藥和中藥藥學服務的觀點 : 一項對中國哈爾濱市的調查

English Abstract

Objective: This research aims to investigate community pharmacists’ attitude, practice and perceived barriers about pharmaceutical care of over-the-counter (OTC) western medicine (WM) and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in Harbin, north of China. Moreover, community pharmacists’ suggestions on improving pharmaceutical care are also collected. Methods: Questionnaire survey targeting community pharmacist was applied in this study. In addition to descriptive analysis, Chi-test was used to examine possible differences among the biographical background of the respondents. Results: 280 valid questionnaires were received, giving a response rate of 88%. The respondents showed generally positive attitude towards provision of OTC WM pharmaceutical care. In terms of practice, respondents demonstrating a relative active practice of pharmaceutical care towards OTC WM at community pharmacy. While, respondents showed ambiguous attitude towards the OTC TCM pharmaceutical care. On some aspects of practice of OTC TCM service, respondents showed passively action. Respondents considered “Ambiguity of the professional role of pharmacists”, “Lack of scientific evidence of OTC” and “Lack of professional knowledge” were the main barriers to providing the OTC service at community pharmacy. In general, the Chi-test results showed that the respondents’ attitude, practice, perceived barriers, and improvement suggestions were significantly different among respondents’ education level, certificate type and WM workload. Conclusions: The community pharmacists in Harbin of China had relatively positive attitude and intention to provide pharmaceutical care of OTC WM. While, these pharmacists hold ambiguous attitude towards OTC TCM service. Even, they provide passively service on some aspects of OTC TCM practice. Lack of professional role definition, shortage of pharmaceutical knowledge and limits of human and financial resources are constraining the development of pharmaceutical care at community pharmacy. Key words: Community pharmacist; pharmaceutical care; OTC; western medicine; traditional Chinese medicine; China

Chinese Abstract

目的:本研究的主要目的是調查中國東北部,哈爾濱市社區藥房藥劑師就 OTC 西藥和中藥提供藥學服務時的態度、實踐、障礙和改善建議。 方法: 本研究主要採用問卷調查的方法。得到的有效資料主要採用統計描述和 卡方檢驗兩種方法來分析。 結果:得到有效問卷 280 份。應答率是 88%。在就 OTC 西藥提供藥學服務時, 應答藥劑師表現出積極態度,並且主動提供服務。然而,在就 OTC 中藥提供藥 學服務時, 應答藥劑師的態度不明確,並且,在實踐的部分方面,表現出被動 服務的現象。“藥劑師的專業角色不明確”,“缺乏 OTC 藥物的科學證據”和 “缺乏相關的專業知識”成為藥劑師在就 OTC 藥物提供服務時遇到的主要障礙。 總體上看,通過卡方檢驗發現,應答藥劑師的與藥學相關的最高學歷,註冊的 執業類別和進行 OTC 西藥藥學服務的百分比在其態度、實踐、障礙和改善建議 四個方面都表現出顯著性差異。 結論:哈爾濱市社區藥房藥劑師在就 OTC 西藥提供服務時具有積極的態度。並 且,主動提供服務。然而,在就 OTC 中藥提供藥學服務時,藥劑師態度不明確。 並且,在實踐的部分方面,表現出被動服務的現象。專業角色的不明確,缺少 相關的知識,和缺少人力、財力資源成為影響 OTC 藥學服務品質的主要障礙。 關鍵字:社區藥劑師;藥學服務;OTC; 西藥;中藥;中國

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Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences




Pharmacists -- China -- Harbin (Hei Lung Chiang Province)

藥劑師 -- 中國 -- 哈爾濱 (黑龍江省)

Community health services -- China -- Harbin (Hei Lung Chiang Province)

社區健康服務 -- 中國 -- 哈爾濱 (黑龍江省)



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