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English Abstract

Vaccination is the most widely used to combat the disease, as well as the best cost-effective means of disease prevention. Recently, the use of the vaccine has been gradually extended to the treatment of diseases, and therefore the development of the global vaccine industry is very promising. Vaccine industry as one of sub-industries of our strategic new industry in China also has a very fast development. The purpose of this study is to analyze Chinese vaccine industry from the perspective of Sectoral Innovation Systems theory, providing a decision-making reference for vaccine enterprises’ strategic planning under the fierce market competition, but also providing some of the material for innovation policies to develop Chinese vaccine industry. This study uses the theoretical framework of Sectoral Innovation Systems to analyze evolution of vaccine industry, to explore patent technology, the participants and mutual behavior from multiple angles, to analyze clinical trials, approved products, corporate strategy and government behavior. Meanwhile, the study applies combined innovative design of quantitative and qualitative research to support the theoretical analysis, then to analyze vaccine technology via patent quantitative analysis, to dissect vaccine market using product analysis, to view the corporate behavior by corporate strategy, and to find government action from policy analysis. Through analysis, we can find that the majority force of Chinese vaccine technology innovation are the group of universities/hospitals/research institutes, while enterprises also actively participate in innovation and promote the industry. Although there are many types of vaccine products, mostly of them are traditional vaccines. The planned vaccine market mainly centered in the hand of China National Biotech Group, whereas second category market is under fierce competition. Besides, Chinese institutions support R&D and technology promotion, assisting academic institutions and enterprises innovation activities, then to promote vaccine Industry-Academia-Research mode. Vaccine technology in China still concentrates on middle-and-low level, while companies increasingly focus on innovation, gradually pursuing internationalization based on the domestic market. Policy guidelines direction of vaccine market development, but there’s still a lack of innovation complementary policies. Overall, Chinese vaccine development around technology R&D, industrial upgrading, market competition and policy reforms keep moving forward. v

Chinese Abstract

疫苗接種是對抗疾病最廣泛、成本效益最佳的疾病預防手段,近年來疫苗的使 用已經漸漸擴展到治療疾病領域,因此,全球對于疫苗産業的發展十分看好。疫苗 産業作爲我國戰略性新興産業,國內市場持續增長,產業發展迅速。 本研究的目的在于從部門創新系統的視角分析中國疫苗産業,爲我國疫苗企業 在激烈的市場競爭下的戰略規劃提供决策參考,也爲我國疫苗産業創新政策的制定 提供素材。 本研究以部門創新系統理論框架分析疫苗的産業演進,從技術、參與者和相互 行爲等多個角度去探討疫苗産業的專利、臨床試驗、上市産品、企業戰略以及政府 行爲等內容。本研究創新地結合定量研究和定性研究來支持理論分析,以專利計量 分析來看疫苗技術,以産品分析來看疫苗市場,以企業戰略來看企業行爲,以政策 分析來看政府行爲。 通過分析,可以發現中國疫苗技術創新的主力軍爲大學/醫院/研究所,企業積 極參與並促進産業化,我國疫苗産品種類雖多但多爲傳統疫苗,一類市場主要集中 於中生股份,二類疫苗市場國內外企業角逐激烈。同時,我國政策利好疫苗技術的 創新研發,政府協助學術機構與企業創新,提倡疫苗産學研模式。 我國疫苗技術仍集中在中低端領域,企業逐漸重視創新研發,立足國內市場逐 步加强國際化。政策指引市場發展,但仍缺乏創新輔助性政策。總體來看,中國疫 苗產業的發展,圍繞著技術研發、産業升級、市場競爭和政策改革在不斷前進。 關鍵詞:部門創新系統理論;疫苗産業;專利分析;臨床試驗;企業戰略;政策分析

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Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences




Vaccines industry -- China

疫苗業 -- 中國

Technological innovations




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