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Preparation and analysis of raffinose family oligosaccharides in Rehmannia glutinosa and other selected plants

English Abstract

Raffinose family oligosaccharides (RFOs), one of the most popular natural food ingredients due to their prebiotic effects, are ubiquitous in plant kingdom. Therefore, separation and purification of raffinose family oligosaccharides are helpful for the improvement of their quality control and bioactivities study, as well as beneficial to develop unique health and functional products of Rehmannia glutinosa Libosch., a well-known traditional Chinese medicinal herb. More than 70 different compounds have been obtained from R. glutinosa. Among them, carbohydrates, especially RFOs, were proved to be the mainly bioactive components. In this study, RFOs in R. glutinosa were prepared and purified, and their chemical structures were investigated. In addition, quantitative and qualitative analysis of RFOs in R. glutinosa, legume seeds, Stachys japonica and Plantago asiatica were also performed. The dissertation consists of three chapters. Chapter 1 reviewed the oligosaccharides in R. glutinosa, the approaches for separation, purification and analysis of raffinose family oligosaccharides, as well as the distribution of raffinose family oligosaccharides in natural resources. In Chapter 2, a fast protein liquid chromatography coupled with refractive index detection (FPLC-RID) method was applied for separation and purification of oligosaccharides in R. glutinosa. Three pure oligosaccharides, raffinose, stachyose and verbascose, were separated and purified from total oligosaccharides of R. glutinosa, and their identification was based on the methylation analysis and MS data. In Chapter 3, a high performance liquid chromatography coupled with charged aerosol detector (HPLC-CAD) method was developed for qualitative and quantitative analysis of RFOs and sucrose in different edible and medicinal plants from Leguminosae, Scrophulariaceae, Labiatae, Plantaginaceae families. The results are helpful to provide new resources for preparation of RFOs standards and development of unique health and functional products of RFOs.

Chinese Abstract

棉子糖系列寡糖為自然界最常見寡糖之一,是可以顯著促進雙歧桿菌等有 益菌增殖的功能性低聚糖,已作為天然食品添加劑得到廣泛利用。因此,棉子 糖系列寡糖的製備和可利用植物資源的開發,對棉子糖系列寡糖的質量控制與 活性研究具有重要意義,並且有利於開發新型醫藥保健品。中藥地黃為玄蔘科 (Scrophulariaceae)植物的塊根,為常用的補益藥,在近百種的化學成份中,地黃 寡糖為主要的活性物質,並且地黃中的寡糖成分以棉子糖系列寡糖為主。因此 本研究首先採用快速蛋白液相色譜與示差折光檢測器聯用技術大量製備高純度 的地黃寡糖單體成分,隨後對不同植物中的棉子糖系列寡糖成分進行定性定量 分析,研究結果利於提高棉子糖系列寡糖的質量控制及其在醫藥保健品中的應 用,並利於開發棉子糖系列寡糖的新來源。 全文分為三章,第一章對地黃寡糖主要組成和含量,寡糖分離純化方法和 棉子糖系列寡糖的自然分佈及常用分析方法進行綜述。第二章為地黃寡糖的分 離純化及結構鑒定,即採用快速蛋白液相色譜與示差折光檢測器聯用技術分離 純化地黃中寡糖成分,獲得三種高純度的地黃寡糖。結構鑒定分別為棉子糖, 水蘇糖和毛蕊花糖。第三章為測定棉子糖系列寡糖在不同植物中分佈及含量。 棉子糖系列寡糖廣泛分佈在植物的不同組織部位,本章節運用高效液相色譜與 電霧式檢測器聯用技術,準確定量了棉子糖系列寡糖和蔗糖在大豆等豆科植物, 地黃,水蘇,及車前草中的含量。為進一步大量製備棉子糖系列寡糖標準品以 及開發相關保健食品提供新的可利用植物資源。 關鍵字:棉子糖系列寡糖;地黃;微波輔助提取;FPLC-RID;HPLC-CAD; GC-MS;LC-MS/MS

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Zong, Wan Rong


Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences




Medicinal plants -- China -- Analysis



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