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The status of the individuals in international law

English Abstract

The status of the individual in international law has been always extremely controversial in international jurisprudence. With the emergence and development of individualistic thoughts and the human rights campaign, especially the development of international human rights law after World War II, the roles of the individual in international law have been directly influenced and their self-centered value has been recognized. Nowadays, the main viewpoint is that individual is not considered as a subject of international law. But this thesis argues that such a viewpoint should be reconsidered since individuals are playing a more important role in the modern society. Individuals play increasingly more significant roles in international human rights, international criminal law and international environmental law as subjects. Whereas before we talk about that, it is necessary to clarify if international law shall focus on state sovereignty for common benefits of states or be individuals-centered for individuals' value and interests. Thus, this involves definitions of subjects and objects of legal definitions. Only if differences and connections betweren the subjects and objects are clearly realized, a theoretical foundation will be laid for discussing the status of individuals in international law. And the viewpoint of this thesis is that individual should be considered as a subject of international law in the future.

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Yang, Dan


Faculty of Law




Persons (International law)

International law


Ramaswamy Muruga Perumal

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