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Domestic violence : current situation and research in Macau

English Abstract

Domestic violence is a serious problem in Macao. Since 2011, Macao’s government has been ready to legislate the “Domestic Violence Prevention Act”. Until today, 4 years later, the draft of the “Domestic Violence Prevention Act” has just been passed to the legislature and transferred to the legislative committee for deliberation. Unfortunately, there are few academic studies and research which focus on domestic violence issues in Macao. And newspapers, official data and non-government organizations’service data is very incomplete and unsystematic our society. I think this study is valued research in Macao. As the study result showed, victims of domestic violence are women and this situation is similar to the findings of other research. Abusers abuse their wives and children too. Victims also have intimate relationships with the abuser so they cannot easily leave their home. They also have some reasons which influence their decision to leave their home or not such as traditionally not having the economic ability to and worrying about their children, etc. This study will show the current situations of domestic violence in Macao, such as what kinds of violent behavior occur from the service data from the government and non-government organizations. Lots of victims of domestic violence are more positive about fighting domestic violence, but the local social workers have responded that they have dark figures on domestic violence in Macao. Government and non-government organizations need to pay more attention and run more advertisements on domestic violence. That would prevent there being more victims of domestic violence in Macao.

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Wong, Wai Chan


Faculty of Social Sciences


Department of Sociology




Family violence -- Macau

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