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When the dragon was drunken : the change and development of Macao Drunken Dragon Festival in 1947-2010

English Abstract

The Macao Drunken Dragon Festival is an important celebration of Macao Fish Industry Association. It is held on the eighth day of the fourth month in Chinese lunar calendar, which is the same day as the well-known Feast of Buddha's Birthday. It has been held for several decades. The festival is very boisterous and attracts many citizens and tourists. Macao Drunken Dragon Festival includes the drunken dragon dance and a series of derivative activities from the dance held by the organizations of Macao fish industry. It is one of the important traditional folk events in Macao. In different time periods, some different activities were held during the festival and the names of those organizations of Macao fish industry changed. The Drunken Dragon Festival has been held in Macao for many years. It is one of the important traditional folk cultures there. It is not only a representative event of Macao fish industry, but also an event to attract citizens and tourist. Even the country and local governments admit the value and the contributions of the festival. However, there is no publishing in detail about it or showing its fact and impacts. In this thesis, I am trying to emerge the development of the festival and discuss those religious issues in the process of it.

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Lao, Tong I


Faculty of Social Sciences


Department of History




Festivals -- Macau -- History

Folk dancing -- Macau -- History



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