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Legal protection of public figures' privacy versus freedom of media : a comparative perspective

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The conflict between freedom of speech and privacy of public figures is a hot spot in theoretical and practical legal field. Public figures benefit a lot from their popularity; meanwhile they also suffer from several troubles resulting from reports of media, especially from tabloids. With the development of society, people’s view about privacy changes gradually. Nowadays, people are more aware of protecting their own rights with legislative means. On one hand, public figures try to conceal their private life from the public. On the other hand, the media desires to disclose the private issues of public figures to entertain people and make profit. As a result, the conflict between privacy and freedom of media is becoming increasingly fierce. The thesis aims to research legal protection of public figures’ privacy and detect balance between freedom of speech and public figures’ privacy. The research starts from the concept and classification of public figure, freedom of media and the significance to protect public figures’ privacy, clarifies the conflicts between protection of public figures’ right to privacy and freedom of media. Secondly, analyze the key provisions related to protection of public figures’ privacy and freedom of media in international instruments and domestic laws, including china. Thirdly, discuss key issues in some typical cases on public figures’ privacy. Finally, by means of analyzing the pros and cons of Chinese legislation of protecting public figures’ privacy, the thesis proposes some reasonable solutions and suggestions to China.

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Wang, Rui Yuan


Faculty of Law




Freedom of expression

Freedom of expression -- China

Privacy, Right of

Privacy, Right of -- China



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