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The impact of internal marketing on employee's job satisfaction, job performance and job loyalty : the case of Galaxy Entertainment Group

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With the liberalization of the gaming industry in 2002, Macau has entered into its fastest growing decade. This rapid growth has led to a serious labour shortage and related consequences, including low job satisfaction, high employee turnover, and unstable job performance. Because of this, the importance of internal marketing (IM) has been raised in Macau recently. Top management believes that IM can improve employees’ job satisfaction, which in turns creates a positive impact on employees’ behaviour. The objective of this research is to evaluate some common labour-related challenges, such as low job loyalty and job satisfaction that hospitality and gaming corporations in Macau are currently facing. Taking Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG), one of the leading hotel and casino operators in Macau as example for this study, this research examines whether improving these challenges by IM can increase job satisfaction and eventually improve job loyalty. This research uses quantitate method and the result is based on survey conducted from over 200 employees working in GEG. The study has designed a questionnaire to measure the effectiveness of different IM policies that GEG implemented. Factor analysis and regression analysis are used to examine the hypotheses. This study develops a conceptual model based on models from other scholars and then tests it in the environment of GEG. By categorizing different IM policies through factor analysis, this study further discovers that human resources management has a significantly positive impact to employee’s perceived job performance. The finding reveals that relationship between IM to employees’ job satisfaction and job satisfaction to employees’ job loyalty are positively related. Other than IM, this study shows that job satisfaction and perceived job performance of employees are correlated to each other. To further study the relationship between suggested variables, this study examines the relationship between internal marketing policies, job satisfaction and the employee’s intention to stay in the organization. Practically, the research provides management of GEG with a recommendation plan to improve employees’ job satisfaction through appropriate use of IM, further increase their organizational commitment and lower job turnover by increasing job loyalty. By placing more effort into those IM areas that have proven to have a significant positive impact on job loyalty, job satisfaction, and perceived job performance, GEG can recruit and retain the best employees hence increase employees’ passion at work. With outstanding and passionate employees, competiveness of the organization within the gaming and hospitality industry can be sustained and achieve a better financial result for the stakeholders.

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Ieong, Chi Ying


Faculty of Business Administration




Job satisfaction -- Case studies

Performance -- Evaluation


Lam, Chee Shiong

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