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A study of Macau hotel management graduates' intention to job change

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Macau is developing itself into an international tourism destination. Shortage of manpower becomes a major problem in the society. This study focused on the hotel industry and examined Macau hotel management graduates’ intention to change job to non-hotel related industries. Work-family conflict and work overload were assessed in relation to intention to job change. Mediation effect of burnout on the relationships of work-family conflict and work overload with intention to job change, and moderation effect of professional identification on the relationship between burnout and intention to job change, have been empirically tested in the report. Quantitative methodology was adopted with around 800 online questionnaires distributed out to hotel management graduates from the graduation year of 2002 to 2010, with 119 questionnaires returned. Results showed that work-family conflict and work overload were significant predictors of intention to job change. They highlighted the importance of dealing with the existing problems of work-family conflict and work overload in the workplace in solving the problem of job change intention. Another finding was that work-family conflict and work overload would lead to burnout. In particular, emotional exhaustion did have significant influence on employees’ intention to job change. The mediating effect of burnout somehow reflected the low stress management skills of employees to cope with workplace problems. Furthermore, this study found that professional identification did not have moderating effect on the relationship between burnout and intention to job change. It is a chance for the educational institutes and the hotel industry to reconsider the role of graduates’ professional identity towards their career development.

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Pun, Sin I


Faculty of Business Administration




Hotelkeepers -- Macau

Hotel management -- Macau


Loi, Chi Ho

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