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The impact of organizational climate factors on job satisfaction and turnover intention in Macau

English Abstract

This study examined employees of casinos and hotels industry to understand the impact of organizational climate factors on job satisfaction and turnover Intention. Organizational climate factors including teamwork, communication satisfaction, co-worker relation, superior support and emotional exhaustion were assessed in relation to job satisfaction. Furthermore, job satisfaction, affective commitment and emotional exhaustion were assessed in relation to turnover intention. This study used both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. In the quantitative research, 500 questionnaires were sent out to employees in 10 casino hotels in Macau. 337 valid questionnaires were returned. In the qualitative research, 3 in-depth interviews were conducted to collect employee’s perception and thinking. The result of this study showed that job satisfaction is the most significant variable of turnover intention where communication satisfaction is affecting the job satisfaction the most. Job satisfaction and affective commitment were found to be negatively correlated to turnover intention. However, there was no significant relationship found between emotional exhaustion and turnover intention. The results also showed that teamwork, communication satisfaction and co-worker relation are positively related with job satisfaction. However, there was no relationship found between job satisfaction with superior support and emotional exhaustion. Therefore, based on the results, organizations should focus on how to improve teamwork, communication satisfaction and co-worker relation, which could help organization to improve job satisfaction and reduce turnover intention. By doing all these, the organization could possibly retain their experienced employees and decrease their expenditure on human resources to look for replacements. The more experienced talents in the organization could lead the organization to become more competitive in the industry.

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Costa, Adelino Manuel Da


Faculty of Business Administration




Organizational effectiveness

Hospitality industry -- Macau

Labor turnover


Chan, Sow Hup

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