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The mediating roles of trust and self-esteem of individuals on the relationships between attachment style and work behaviors

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Attachment theory is a well-known and established theory in development \/ personality psychology, which was found bringing differences in individuals’ behaviors. It has been related to different researches in different aspects in the field of social sciences, but few in the aspect of workplace behaviors. To add depth to the knowledge of attachment theory, our research aims to explore the relationship between the two dimensions of attachment – attachment anxiety and attachment avoidance, with different workplace behaviors namely job satisfaction, voice behavior, organizational citizenship behavior \(OCB\) and turnover intention. Besides, I also investigate the mechanism in how attachment anxiety and avoidance affects workplace behaviors, proposing self-esteem and trust as the mediator between these relationships This research involves 179 participants who are currently working and \/ or studying in France, Macau and Switzerland. Results indicate that attachment anxiety is negatively related to job satisfaction and positively related to turnover intention; and attachment avoidance is negatively related to OCB and voice behavior. The mediating effect of self-esteem on the relationship of attachment anxiety with job satisfaction and turnover intention; and of trust on the relationship of attachment avoidance with voice behavior are supported, but not for trust on the relationship of attachment avoidance with OCB. These results contribute to the attachment theory literature by understanding the mechanism in how individuals’ attachment anxiety influences their job satisfaction and turnover intention, and attachment avoidance influences their organizational citizenship behavior and voice behavior. Discussion and implications are presented.

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Ng, U Kei


Faculty of Business Administration




Attachment behavior



Chan, Ka Wai

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