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Cultural impact on the choice of communication media : a study in Macau

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The intent of this research is to study one of the challenges of multicultural projects — Communication. The objectives are to uncover characteristics of various common cultures in Macau, and to identify the best match of cultural characteristics and task nature with media choices so that participants in multi-cultural projects can improve the communication quality and effectiveness in projects management and execution. Hypotheses are set up to test the interrelationships between independent variables (Hofstede’s cultural dimensions and tasks natures) and the dependent variables (media choices). A survey was conducted with data collected from respondents who were currently working or had experience working in multicultural environment in Macau. General Linear Model (GLM) analyses were carried out to find out the relation between cultural dimension, task scenario, demographic data and likelihood of media choice. Results show that: (1) level of individualism and familiarity with recipient predict likelihood on choosing face-to-face communication; (2) level of uncertainties avoidances, task reciprocity and task urgency predict likelihood on choosing telephone and video conferencing system; (3) people who rated high on femininity prefer using telephone while who rated high on masculinity prefer instant messaging tools; (4) level of power distance index, work position, and task reciprocity predict likelihood on choosing email and face-to-face communication; (5) when working on reciprocal tasks with recipient that is far away, long-term orientated people prefer email or instants messaging tools to communicate while short-term orientated prefer face-to-face communication. Based on the result, suggestions for managers were discussed which may bring about better and higher quality communication in multicultural environment.

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Chan, U Fai


Faculty of Business Administration


Department of Management and Marketing




Communication -- Macau

Mass media -- Macau


Chan, Wing Han

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