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Exploring the determinants of corporate charitable donation : a study of Chinese listed companies

English Abstract

In recent years, companies are expected to take more responsibilities for environment and society. Corporate charitable donation, a very important part of corporate social responsibility, has aroused firms’ concern. This paper is going to explore the determinants of corporate charitable donation with a focus on Chinese listed companies. I pay attention on four key factors of charitable donation: corporate financial performance, slack resource, shareholding concentrated and firm size. The sample includes 1011 Chinese listed firms with 2401 firm-observations from 2010 to 2012. Using multiple regressions, this study yields four major findings. Firstly, corporate financial performance is positively related to the amount of charitable donation. Doing well leads a firm doing goods. Secondly, the amount of corporate donation depends on firm’s slack resource. Firms with enough slack resource prefer to contribute more. Thirdly, the amount of corporate donation is limited by shareholding concentrated. Fourthly, large firms contribute more than small ones. These results provide evidences about firms with which characteristics prefer to contribute in China and guidance for Chinese philanthropy.

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Sun, Si Di


Faculty of Business Administration


Department of Accounting and Information Management


M. Sc.


Social responsibility of business -- China

Corporations -- Charitable contributions -- China

Corporations -- China


Yuen Chun Yip

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