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The role of government in corporate social responsibility : Macao perspective

English Abstract

CSR has been a new concern in the past 20 years and a popular research in business and management theory, an emerged new role of government in CSR is especially being discussed in recent years. Thus, this study would like to discuss the role and responsibility of government in CSR. More importantly, it is interesting and worth knowing how Macao government promotes and facilitates the CSR currently. By analyzing the role of Macao government in CSR through its related legislations, policy measures and initiatives, this study finds that Macao government does something to encourage the businesses to perform CSR; however, the effectiveness of these legislations, policy measures and initiatives is not significant. As a whole, Macao government does not have a clear and overall direction about CSR. Therefore, this study suggests that Macao government has to establish the responsible government agency; set up a general and long-term CSR plan; put emphasis on CSR among government agencies; create awareness and public support; reform the legislations and regulations; establish a CSR platform for businesses and public; cooperate with the businesses; support the international CSR standards; and promote the CSR in major industry. This study makes several contributions. Firstly, it contributes our understanding of the CSR development and its definition, and especially the emerged new role of government in CSR literature in recent decades. Also, this study introduces how the UK government and Singapore government facilitate and promote CSR, their experiences are worthy of being learnt by others. Lastly, it has implications for the society and businesses in Macao, and especially for Macao government in the improvement and development of CSR issues in future.

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Leong, Un San


Faculty of Business Administration


Department of Accounting and Information Management


M. Sc.


Social responsibility of business -- Government policy -- Macau


Yuen Chun Yip

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