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Diffusion of competing media frames in social movement : a case of "Anti-Retirement Package Bill event" in Macau

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Political communication area evolves dramatically as the new media empowers the mass to be involved in and have a great influence in politics. The political actors’ position in the social movement can become pervasive in the public discourse through influencing media frame by manipulations of symbols. Then inevitably the media frame behaves with the competing characteristic. As the media functions as the information channel, the competing media frame displays through the media platform. Based on the data collected from “The Wise” and Facebook, the research examined three types of media with the frame factor constructed by the PCA (Principal Component Analysis) technology. The result showed that the media frames changed across different stages of the event. Pro-government media balanced their position between the image of maintaining justice and the “mouthpiece” of the government. The frame of the social movement organization media always kept opposite position to the bill, but more neutral at the end when the “Anti-bill” side won. While the commercial media behaved steady in the whole process. These three competing media frames were adopted together to reflect and influence “Anti-Retirement Package Bill event” procedure. Besides, the frames of social movement organization media had significant correlation with that of their online audience. Key words Frame analysis, Political communication, Time effect, Competing frame, Principal component analysis

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Xu, Min


Faculty of Social Sciences


Department of Communication




Mass media -- Macau

Social movements -- Macau


Chen, Huai Lin

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