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Happiness in Mainland China : development and validation of a Chinese happiness scale

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Many studies have been conducted in the area of happiness research; however, there are no systematic studies featuring people in Mainland China. This study explored the culture-specific characteristics of happiness in Mainland China, as well as investigated cultural factors that influence how Chinese people view happiness. Three studies involving 679 participants were conducted from which the conceptual components of happiness in Mainland China were identified and a Chinese Happiness Scale (CHS) was developed. Study 1 is a qualitative study that aims to identify the Chinese happiness characteristics that are ignored by the Western researchers, Study 2 is the scale development and questionnaire test, and Study 3 validates the scale and the application of CHS. Study 1 consists of 30 structured interviews, which examine the concepts and constructs of happiness in Mainland China. The findings were thematically categorized to construct the CHS. With a sample of 333 participants, Study 2 develops the CHS with strong reliability (α = .929, 38 items) and validity. Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) verifies 9-factor structure of the CHS. With an additional sample of 316 participants, Study 3 validates the CHS, with strong internal reliability (α = .95, 38 items) and strong construct validity. Through an examination of 261 participants out of 316 who were identified as being employed, Study 3 also suggests that CHS has predictive validity with regards to job satisfaction and job performance

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Wang, Yuan Yuan,


Faculty of Social Sciences


Department of Psychology





Social psychology -- China


D'Amato, Rik Carl

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