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婚姻關係存續期間共有財產的分割問題 = The issue about the division of community property in marital

English Abstract

With the development of social economy,when improving living standards,that taking some challenges for law. The division of property between husband and wife should be in divorce,but in reality there were a lot of situation in marital.Therefore,in order to resolve the real problem, Property law and family law of judicial interpretation(2011) was put in practice,that can be said to solve the immediate problem.However, the related rules are not perfect. It includes the body、cases and so on.So how to improve the provision, it is to be addressed in this article. In this essay, it is compared the common property division between divorce and material exists, as the main line throughout the paper. From theory to practice, from the rules in Property law and family law of judicial interpretation(2011) to the administration of justice, proposing the questions and discussing. At the same time ,it also compares the law in Taiwan and Macau. Thus solving the problems, it proposes specific solutions, and then come to a final conclusion. In addition, it is interested that includes mortgage disputes,closing the spouses with creditors. In addition to the introduction and conclusion, the article is divided into four parts. The first part focuses on the identified issues of common property between husband and wife, in which the concept of marital property system forms the basis. The second part is the division of the common property during the marriage. It includes the division of the theoretical differences, the reasons for division and body and so on. The third part is the judicial application within marriage matrimonial property division ,about the problems of mortgage disputes, as well as the discussion of Property law and family law of judicial interpretation(2011). The forth part is for the division issues of matrimonial property in mainland, and propose some solutions. From theory to practice, using the layers of the way forward, with the way of proposing questions and solutions, to achieve the sublimation of the arguments.

Chinese Abstract

社會經濟的發展,在給人們帶來生活水準提高的同時,也給法律 帶來了一定的挑戰。夫妻之間的共有財產分割原本是在夫妻離婚時或 者離婚後才可以提起,但是現實中婚內需要分割共有財產的情形也很 多。因此,為瞭解決這一現實問題,《婚姻法司法解釋(三)》的出 臺,正符合了這一需要,可以說是解決了燃眉之急。但是,從其相關 規定本身來講,其內容還是不夠完善的。這其中包括提出的主體,提 出的情形等等。所以要如何更好地完善此條規定,正是這篇文章所要 解決的。 本文將夫妻關係存續期間的共有財產分割與離婚後的共有財產 分割,進行對比,以此作為貫穿整個論文的主線。從理論到實踐,從 《婚姻法司法解釋三》的法條到司法適用,提出問題進行深刻討論, 並與臺灣、澳門進行對比。從而對解決這些問題,提出具體的解決方 法,進而得出最後的結論。此外,文章比較新穎的地方還在於,穿插 了按揭貸款糾紛,將夫妻雙方與債權人緊密聯繫。 除前言和結論外,文章主要分為四個部分。第一部分主要講述了 夫妻之間共同財產的認定問題,其中夫妻財產制的概念構成了其認定 的基礎。第二部分是婚姻關係存續期間共有財產的分割,包括了分割 的理論分歧、分割的原因、提請分割的主體等等。第三部分是婚內夫 妻共有財產分割的司法適用問題,包括了按揭貸款糾紛產生的問題, 以及對《婚姻法司法解釋(三)》的討論。第四部分是針對中國大陸 相關婚內夫妻共有財產的分割問題,提出一些解決辦法。文章由理論 進入實踐,採用層層推進的方式,用提出問題、解決問題的辦法,來 達成論點的昇華。

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Marriage law -- China

婚姻法 -- 中國

Marital property -- China

婚姻財產及其法規 -- 中國



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