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關於家庭暴力的理論分析以及對我國家庭暴力犯罪规制的完善意見 = Theoretical analyses on domestic violence and suggestions on improvement of regulation mode of domestic violence crime in China

English Abstract

Family is a basic unit for the construction of the society, and the nodal point that connects individuals with the society. A harmonious family is the root of a harmonious society. Since the 1990s, China has proposed the concept of "domestic violence" in the area of academic research. During the past 20 years, the study on the theory and practice of "domestic violence" has imposed great significance on individuals, families, and even the society. Through analyzing the concept and issues of "domestic violence", this paper points out some opinions about the practical study on anti domestic violence in the future of China. Except the introduction and conclusion, this paper consists of four parts. The first part is the outline for "domestic violence", which defines scope for the concept of "family violence" in this paper. First, through introducing the definition of "domestic violence" in some countries or districts, as well as the existing theories of related issues in China, this paper reaches the following conclusion. "Domestic violence is the behavior that one party implements violent behavior to the other party in body, spirit, sex with intention between family members that based on marriage, blood relation, or blood relations in fiction of law, as well as the living community that formed for some intimate relationship, and this behavior can constitute a crime." The second part and the third part introduce the status for the legislation and justice about "domestic violence" in China. Based on this, it analyzes IV some existing problems under current situation and gives suggestions.Based on the status quo of "domestic violence" and the legislation about "domestic violence", the fourth part provides some theoretical suggestions and illustrates personal opinions boldly. Comparing with the crime of abusing a member of one's family, the forth part discusses the formulation of penalty and measurement of penalty in terms of "domestic violence". It views that "domestic violence" coincides with the crime of abusing a member of one's family in some parts, so it is not very necessary to set up the crime for domestic violence. Therefore, we can make appropriate amendment about the crime of abusing a member of one's family, to satisfy current needs.

Chinese Abstract

家庭是一個社會的基本構成單位,是聯系個體與社會的樞紐,家庭的 和睦是社會和諧的根基。我國從 20 世紀 90 年代起在學術研究領域出現了 “家庭暴力”這一概念,至今已有近二十年,對“家庭暴力”的理論與實 踐研究不僅是對個體、對家庭,更是對社會都有著重要意義。本文通過對 “家庭暴力”從概念到問題的梳理分析,僅以當下最常見的家庭暴力現象 為對象進行探討,提出對未來中國反家庭暴力研究實踐的個體看法。 本文除了前言和結語以外,共分為四部分。 第一部分,是對“家庭暴力”的概述,為本文中“家庭暴力”概念界 定範圍。首先,本文通過介紹幾個國家(地區)“家庭暴力”的定義與我國 相關問題既有的理論,得出“家庭暴力,是指基於婚姻、血緣和法律擬制 關系而形成的具有共同生活關系的家庭成員之間,或者基於某種親密關系 而組成的生活共同體之間,一方對另一方身體、精神等方面,以故意的心 態實施的暴力行為,且足以構成犯罪”。 第二部分與第三部分,介紹了我國關於“家庭暴力”的立法與司法現 狀,在此基礎上讲述了當前情形下存在的若幹問題並予以分析,提出理論 上的建議,并試圖從個人防範意識、社會救濟和国家正式规制系統三方面 闡述了個人觀點。 第四部分,以虐待罪為比較對象,對“家庭暴力”制刑以及量刑做出 討論,本文認為,“家庭暴力”與既有虐待罪具有重合部分,單獨設定家庭 暴力犯罪並不是十分必要,可以對虐待罪做出适当修改以滿足當下需求。

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Family violence -- China

家庭暴力 -- 中國

Family violence -- Law and legislation -- China

家庭暴力 -- 法規 -- 中國



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