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通俗文學中的 "連環計" 故事 : 以貂蟬形象為中心 = The interlocking story in Chinese popular literature : with the focus on Diaochan's image

English Abstract

This study examined the effects of interlocking strategies of writing from Diao Chan in popular literature. It has been investigated according to the history from the Western Jin Dynasty, the history book of Southern Dynasties to Yuen Empire, the history of words, drama, chapter novels and the legendary chapters, and the plot of the story and the character “Diao Chan”, and study closely more about the historical facts behind the attachment and spread evolution, in order to examine the changes of the image of the character in the narrative structure of the story through studying the text. Thus, the significance of this study has been shown that the relationship of interactive narrative between the novels and operas in popular literature is obvious. The text of the study is divided into four chapters, the first chapter traced back to the history books, “Three Kingdoms” and “Han”, both are in Historical records, exploring the original material from Diao Chan’s “Interlocking” story creation. The second chapter of the text is about Yuen Empire words Novel “Three Storytelling” and the Yuen Dynasty, “Jin Yun Tong dark scheduled Interlocking”, to investigate the “Interlocking” story. In the folklore of the evolution of historical facts, it takes note of the characteristics of folk narrative, and exploring the shaping of the image of Diao Chan. The third chapter is about Ming Dynasty novels “Three Kingdoms” and the Ming Dynasty legend “comic mind”, and examines its narrative structure, the “re-creation” and “artistic process” in the evolution of the story. The fourth chapter focuses on the use of comparative and comprehensive finishing method, for the same subjects in different periods of text differences, highlighting the popular literature of the novel, the narrative drama of interactive and comprehensive survey of Diao Chan’s shape charm and ideological connotations.

Chinese Abstract

本論文以貂蟬“連環計”故事作為研究核心,以西晉、南朝的史書到元、 明時期的講史平話、雜劇、章回小說和傳奇作為研究依據,從故事情節到貂 蟬形象,探究其背後所依附的歷史事實以及流傳演變,藉以考察貂蟬形象的 變化,並通過故事文本的敘事結構,進一步探討通俗文學中的小說、戲曲之 互動關係。 本論文的正文共分為四章,第一章追溯史書《三國志》和《後漢書》的 歷史記載,探究貂蟬“連環計”故事創作的原始素材。第二章通過元代話本 小說《三國志平話》和元雜劇《錦雲堂暗定連環計》,考察“連環計”故事 於史實到民間流傳之演變,注意民間敘事的特點,探究貂蟬形象之塑造。第 三章通過明代章回小說《三國演義》和明代傳奇《連環記》,考察其敘事文 本的“再創作”和“藝術加工”,注意元、明之間貂蟬“連環計”故事的演 化。第四章著重於利用比較、綜合整理的方法,針對同一題材於不同時期之 文本差異,突出通俗文學中的小說、戲曲之敘事互動,並綜合考察貂蟬的形 象魅力和思想內涵。

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Faculty of Arts and Humanities


Department of Chinese




Tiao Chan, -- active 2nd century.

貂蟬, -- 活躍於 2 世紀.

Chinese literature -- History and criticism.

中國文學 -- 歷史及評論.



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