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歌詞創作與中國現當代文化運作 /

English Abstract

Lyrics creation in modern and contemporary China has a huge impact on social development. To a particular culture, it marks the power construction of cultural discourse, represents an important trend, and always functions as a leading force for its unique avant-gardism. With a focus on the lyrics creation in modern and contemporary China, this paper investigates the development of Chinese lyrics and explores the significance of lyrics creation as a pioneer in different kinds of culture. This thesis explores a variety of cultural phenomena and the history of lyrics creation by probing into the fields of elite, politics and entertainment. Through examining and analysing the social and cultural factors that influence lyrics creation, this paper discusses how lyrics creation becomes a leading force in the culture of modern and contemporary China.This thesis aims to enhance the academic prominence of modern and contemporary Chinese lyrics studies, to improve the relevant research systems, to discover and summarize the internal and external rules of lyrics creation. It is hoped that this thesis could also expand the field of the contemporary Chinese literature studies and provide a new theory orientation for the research and writing in this field.

Chinese Abstract

中國現當代歌詞創作對中國社會發展有著巨大影響。它既代表了一種文化 話語建構,又代表著某種文化的重要走向,並且以它特有的先鋒性,時刻代表 著某種文化的先導力量。本文以中國現當代歌詞為考察對象,以中國歌詞發展 歷史為線索,論證中國現當代歌詞創作在不同文化運作中的先導意義。 本文從中國現當代歌詞參與精英文化、政治文化和娛樂文化運作入手,對 中國現當代歌詞創作進行歷史梳理,關注中國現當代歌詞創作的各種文化現 象。通過對影響中國現當代歌詞創作的社會因素和文化因素的考察與分析,探 討歌詞創作如何成為中國現當代文化運作的先鋒。本文既要提升中國現當代歌 詞研究的學術地位,完善中國現當代歌詞研究的相關體系,發現、總結中國現 當代歌詞內在及外在創作規律,還要拓展中國新文學研究的視野,為中國新文 學史的研究與寫作提供新的理論指向。

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Faculty of Arts and Humanities




Lyric writing (Popular music)

抒情作品寫作 (流行音樂)

Songs, Chinese -- Texts -- China

流行音樂; 流行歌曲 -- 文本研究, 歌詞研究等 -- 中國

Popular music -- Writing and publishing -- China

流行音樂; 流行歌曲 -- 作曲/作詞及問世 -- 中國



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