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Media perspective under different social context :a comparison between political participation in Chongqing and Guangzhou

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Chongqing and Guangzhou are the two most important metropolises in Southwest and Southeast China. Anyway, they are different in many aspects of social, economic, and political dimensions. The main purpose of this study is to compare the situations about socio-economic status (SES), media use, political efficacy and political participation, and to explore the probable reasons why these diversities exist in the two areas. Two random sampling CATI surveys with more than 1,000 samples in each city were conducted in 2011 (Guangzhou) and 2012 (Chongqing) separately. Data shows that some significant correlations are between education level, media use and political efficacy, all which have some predictive power to the current knowledge degree and public discussion situation in both cities. At the same time, there are also clear discrepancies in the two places. It is obvious that Guangzhou high educationed citizens think highly of personal political struggle and encourage individual political participation. On the opposite, Chongqing intellectual prefers a “moderation way” (Zhongyongzhidao) because of their high education.

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Wang, Qing Lin


Faculty of Social Sciences




Mass media -- China -- Chung Ching

Mass media -- China -- Canton

Communication and New Media -- Department of Communication


Li, Xiao Qin

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