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What is Zhuangbi? : the analysis of Chinese communication in Weibo

English Abstract

One girl called Guo Meimei became a well-known person in Weibo within a few days. She posted Weibo on showing off luxury consumption and returned protest from Chinese netizens online. Furthermore, she kept to put herself into a higher position online which she demonstrated her poor English Weibo with simple words and wrong grammar. This is quite a conflict to Chinese traditional culture which low-key would be the best choice among a group. Weibo as a new media offers a platform for people to make voice to others. As a period of Web 2.0, users in Weibo could be center within a group and are likely to become famous if their ideas are outstanding. The term zhuangbi originally came from the Dongbei district in China became popular with the background of showing off in the Internet. Zhuangbi, its original meaning is to describe those who have no power but pretend to be powerful to others. People who are defined as zhuangbi are blame for their dishonesty and being too higher profile. However, the term is widely used in Weibo and the meaning is changing. More elements seems to be added into this term. Based on this background, in order to get the real meaning of zhuangbi, the author would like to find out what is zhuangbi in Weibo. The attitude towards zhuangbi is considered as a part in this study as well.

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Liu, Chen Xi


Faculty of Social Sciences


Department of Communication




Weibo (Electronic resource)

Interpersonal relations

Social media

Online social networks


Sandel, Todd L.

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