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探討性別刻板印象對職業選擇之研究 : 以澳門幼稚園男教師為例

English Abstract

The thesis divided into five chapters to discuss the gender stereotyping on career choice of male teachers in kindergarten in Macau. People generally has the perception that “Men as the main and woman as secondary”. This social concept dominates our attitude on career choice. The gender differences on men and women produce a different socialization process for labor market or in the workplace. By understanding on our present perception on gender stereotypes and career choices, there will have a better chances to learn about obstacles in hindering male teachers with preferences to work in kindergarten. The study attempted to explore the following objectives: (1) Perception from people with different background and female kindergarten teachers on gender stereotypes; (2) Perception on male teachers in kindergarten; and (3) Collaborative works between male and female teachers. Questionnaires survey was conducted and the following results were observed: 1. It was the general phenomenon for gender stereotyping in career choice. The older the male and the lower the education had the stronger gender stereotypes. 2. Male group indicated a better acceptance for male teacher in kindergarten. Nevertheless, this situation revised with the older and lower education to have the highest chances of negative acceptance. 3. Female kindergarten teachers did not indicate any collaborative problems in work place with male kindergarten teachers. To achieve the gender balance in work place such as kindergarten, it recommends of following comments: (1) Development of gender balanced atmosphere for working; (2) Development of suitable support from community for schools; (3) Induction of means to reduce gender stereotypes for fair teaching of students.

Chinese Abstract

論文共分為五章,旨在討論「性別刻板印象對職業選擇之研究──以澳門男 幼稚園教師為例」。在全統父權的社會中,人們普遍有「男主外、女主內」的社 會觀念,這種社會觀念是會主宰男女兩性在事業上發展的態度。這種男女不同的 性別社會化,也成為勞動市場或職場上工作的性別分工基礎。透過了解現時社會 人士在性別刻板印象對職業選擇,有助了解阻礙男性進入幼稚園工作的原因,本 研究意圖探究以下目的: (一) 本澳現時不同背景社會人士與幼稚園女教師對性 別刻板印象的意見。 (二) 本澳現時不同背景社會人士與幼稚園女教師,對男性 從事幼稚園教師工作的意見。(三) 本澳幼稚園女教師與幼稚園男教師在工作間 的相互協作的現況。就以上研究進行問卷調查及數據分析,出現以下結果: (1) 總體人士普遍存在性別刻板印象。年齡越大、男性、學歷越低及已婚的社會 人士的性別刻板印象觀念越強,而社會人士的性別刻板印象比幼稚園女教師 嚴重。 (2) 總體人士普遍對男性從事幼稚園教師工作未有顯著的性別刻板印象,而年齡 越大、學歷越低對男性從事幼稚園教師工作有顯著的性別刻板印象。 (3) 幼稚園女教師與幼稚園男教師合作愉快。 就研究目的提出的意見有: (1) 共同凝造平等的氣氛,減少性別刻板印象 觀念;(2) 學校和社會的支持,讓男性更易進入幼稚園工作;(3) 教師減少性別 刻板印意式,公平對待學生。

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Faculty of Education




Stereotypes (Social psychology)

刻板印象 (社會心理學)

Kindergarten teachers -- Macau

幼稚園教師 -- 澳門

Early Childhood Education and Human Development -- Faculty of Education

幼兒教育與人類發展 -- 教育學院



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