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English Abstract

This is an action research which is executed among the researcher and peers through peer supervision at the primary school that the researcher is working for. The purpose of this research is to probe into the professional growth and the difficulties encountered during the practice of peer supervision. The purposes of this research are: (1) probing into the actual circumstances of the action research of peer supervision which was executed at the primary school that the researcher is working for, (2) probing into the results and teachers’ professional development during the peer supervision, (3) understanding the various influence factors from the practice of peer supervision. Action research approach is applied in this research and the data is collected from the manners of planning conference, classroom observation, reflection and feedback conference, interview, record of reflection and teaching diary. The research is concluded as: (1) The steady stage is established from peer supervision through the stages of integration and development. (2) As far as efficiency and teachers’ professional development are concerned, practicing action research of peer supervision enables (i) the coherence of teachers for establishing professional teams, (ii) the building of a fair, free, open, respectful and cooperated platform among teachers, (iii) the advance of mutual emotional communication and reflection, (iv) the attempt of different cooperation methods and formulating the optimized class program, (v) the teaching inspiration, the teaching blind spot discovering and the teaching methods improvement. (3) As far as influence factors are concerned, the facilitation of peer supervision is hindered during its practice by the subjective thinking, attitude and workload of the teachers. The support from the school management for peer supervision may contribute to the teachers’ professional development. In accordance with the research conclusion, this thesis closes with a suggestion to teachers, schools, the government and the follow-up researches.

Chinese Abstract

本研究是研究者在任職的學校與同儕實施同儕視導的行動研究,旨在探討 實施同儕視導的歷程中,所經歷的專業成長與所遇到的困境。本研究目的如下: (一)探討研究者在所任職的澳門小學實施同儕視導行動研究的實際情況。 (二)探討實施同儕視導行動研究的成效與教師專業發展的情況。(三)透過實 施同儕視導的行動研究,瞭解其中的各種影響因素。本研究採用行動研究的方 法,通過課前會議、教室觀察、反思與回饋會議、訪談、反思札記與教學日誌 等方式進行資料蒐集。 研究獲得結論如下: (一)實施同儕視導的過程中,經歷磨合、發展的階段,而後達致成熟而 穩定的階段。(二)就成效與教師專業發展的情況而言,實施同儕視導的行動研 究能夠:1.凝聚教師的心力,建立專業的團隊;2.營造平等、自由、開放、尊重 與合作的平台;3.增進彼此的感情與溝通和反思能力;4.嘗試不同的合作模式, 共同制定優化課堂的方案;5.帶來教學靈感、發現教學盲點,進而改進教學。(三) 就影響因素而言,實施同儕視導過程中,教師主觀思想、態度、工作量等為同 儕視導的推動帶來阻力。而實施同儕視導若能得到學校領導的支持與援助,可 有利於教師的專業發展。 最後,針對研究結論,提出對於教師、學校、政府與後續研究的建議。

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Mentoring in education -- Macau

應用於教育的顧問式指導 -- 澳門

Teachers -- Training of -- Macau

教師 -- 職業培訓 -- 澳門



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