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藥物創新的區域分佈 : 基於 1996-2010 年美國上市新藥的實證研究

English Abstract

Pharmaceutical industry is an industry with high technical content, high investment risk, but also high income. R&D and innovation are exactly the basis of the pharmaceutical industry. United States and Europe are the traditional regions of pharmaceutical innovation, and most of the main-streaming drugs come from these regions. As the representative of western countries, the position of United States is unparalleled. On the other hand, emerging regions such as China and India are going on the rapid development, R&D input is increasing year by year. Together with the globalization of drug innovation, large pharmaceutical firms are moving their research centers to emerging regions like China, Southeast Asia and the South America. The pattern of global pharmaceutical innovation will usher in a new situation. This research aims to study the location and international collaboration of the global pharmaceutical innovation. Since the United States is the world’s largest pharmaceutical market wth the most rigorous approval regulation, the sample of core patents of drugs marketed in the United States is chosen. Social network approaches is used to draw the global pharmaceutical network, and countries R&D collaborations are investigated by studying the network centralities and regional parameters. The results showed that the network of global drug innovation is going on growing. The United States represents the center of the global pharmaceutical network, which largely dominates the direction of pharmaceutical innovation. European countries are closely connected, and gradually dispersed the United States’ leadership. On the other hand, R&D capability of emerging regions such as China is still so weak. China should improve its ability of innovative drugs R&D, and strengthen the R&D collaboration with other countries, in order to improve its global position.

Chinese Abstract

醫藥產業是一個技術含量高、投資風險高、同時收益也高的產業,研發與 創新正正就是醫藥產業的基礎。歐美地區是傳統的醫藥創新產出地,主流藥物大 多來自於這些地區,美國作為西方國家的代表,其地位更是無人能比。另一方面, 中國、印度等新興地區正處於快速發展的階段,政府在研發方面的投入更是逐年 上升。加上新藥研發的國際化,越來越多的大型製藥公司把自己的臨床研究中心 移向中國、東南亞、南美等新興地區,全球醫藥創新的格局將會迎來嶄新的局面。 本文旨在研究全球藥物創新的地理分佈及國際合作的情況,美國是全球最大 的藥物市場,又具備最完善嚴謹的藥物審批制度,因此本研究選取了美國上市藥 物的核心專利為樣本,利用社會網絡分析方法繪出全球藥物創新網絡,並以網絡 中心度及區域參數分析的方法,對各國的研發合作情況加以分析。 結果表明,全球藥物創新網絡正處於成長階段,美國處於全球創新網絡的中 心位置,很大程度上主導着全球藥物創新的方向;歐洲各國聯繫緊密,逐步分散 美國的領導地位。另一方面,中國等新興地區的研發能力仍然較弱,中國應提高 自身創新藥物研發的能力,並加強與其他國家的合作研發關係,以提高自己在全 球範圍的地位。

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Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences




Drug development


Drug development -- United States

藥物開發 -- 美國



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