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【Objective】 The article is mainly to explore the smoking prevalence in Macau residents and visitors, which include the general information of two different kinds of people, their smoking status, their non-smoking status and the effect after the enforcement of new tobacco-control law. 【Method】 Using self-design questionnaire to investigate 1001 members of outbound personnel. Data are collected and input into EpiData 3.02 database, then use SPSS 19 software to run statistical analysis. Chi-square analysis is applied in single-factor analysis and comparison of rates. Logistic multi-variable regression is applied in multiple factors analysis. There is statistical difference if P value is less than 0.05. 【Result】 There are total 414 male and 587 female in the interviewees, which are 506 Macau residents and 495 visitors. The smoking prevalence of Macau resident is 16.8% while the visitor is 17.8%. The smoking prevalence between male and female is 31.6% and 5.1%, which is statistical different(p<0.05). Both local resident and visitors show their favor of the new tobacco-control law. They both have a large amount of numbers who know cigarette contains nicotine and tobacco tar. Over half of the people don’t have clearly knowledge about what kind of disease that smoking causes. Both of them complained that they contact large amount of second-hand smokes within Macau Peninsula, on streets and entertainment areas. The most effective way of smoke-control publicity is via television and advertisement. The prevalence of smoking in Macau resident shows a younger trend. Both of the people report that the main reason of smoking is by the influence of friends while the main reason of quit-smoking is harmful to health, waste of money and harmful to other people. After the analysis of multi-variable logistic regression, the protective factor of Macau residents is educational level while the risk factors are friend who smoke, bad attitude towards tobacco-control, contacting second-hand smoke in working areas and male. The protective factor of visitors is educational level while the risk factors are male, bad attitude towards tobacco-control and friends who smokes. 【Conclusion】 The prevalence of smoking in Macau resident shows a younger trend. The effect after the implement of new tobacco-control law is positive but there are still a lot of people who smoke in the non-smoking sections. Macau government should continuously reinforce the 7 publicity of tobacco control. Moreover, The common risk factors of residents and visitors are male, friends who smoke and bad attitude towards tobacco-control while the protective factor is educational level. Increasing the education level of male in two groups of people could result in the decrease of smoking prevalence.

Chinese Abstract

【目的】 本文旨在了解澳门本地居民及访澳人士的吸烟现况及其影响因素,包 括两种人群的一般情况、两种人群的吸烟情况、戒烟情况以及澳门控烟情况,并 对澳门控烟措施提出一些针对性的建议。 【方法】 使用自行设计的问卷对 1001 名澳门海关出境人员进行调查,调查数 据输入统一的 EpiData 3.02 数据库,并采用 SPSS 19 进行统计分析。单因素分析、 构成比、率的比较用 x 2 检验,多因素分析用非条件 Logistic 回归分析,p 值<0.05 有统计学意义。 【结果】 在调查的 1001 个受访者中,男性 414 人,女性 587 名;其中澳门居 民 506 人;访澳人士 495 人。澳门居民吸烟率为 16.8%,访澳人士吸烟率为 17.8%; 男性吸烟率 31.6%,女性吸烟率 5.1%,两者差别有统计学意义(p<0.05)。澳门 本地居民与访澳人士均对新控烟法表示支持;香烟所含尼古丁和焦油烟有较清晰 的认识;两种人群有过半数的人对香烟所致疾病没有正确的认识;两种人群均表 示在澳门半岛、街道和娱乐场所中接触大量二手烟;其接触控烟宣传的主要途径 是电视和广告;澳门居民吸烟人群有年轻化趋势;两种人群均表示吸烟的主要原 因是由于朋友影响,戒烟的主要原因是有害健康、浪费金钱和对周围人影响比较 大。经多元 Logistic 回归分析,影响澳门居民吸烟的保护性因素是学历,危险性 因素是朋友吸烟、控烟态度差、工作场所吸烟、男性;而访澳人士保护性因素是 学历,危险性因素男性、控烟态度差和朋友吸烟。 【结论】 澳门本地居民吸烟者有年轻化趋势;澳门新控烟法实施后控烟效果颇 有成效,但仍有大量人士在禁烟区域内吸烟,澳门政府应继续加大执法宣传力度; 另外,影响澳门本地居民及访澳人士吸烟行为的共同危险性因素是男性、朋友吸 烟和控烟态度差,其共同保护性因素是学历,应提高两种人群中男性的控烟教育 程度,以减少吸烟率。

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Tobacco use -- Macau

煙草使用 -- 澳門

Smoking -- Macau

吸煙 -- 澳門

Tourists -- Macau

遊客 -- 澳門



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