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English Abstract

Objective According to the JNC 7 report, the range of blood pressure 120~139 mm Hg /80~89 mm Hg was first proposed as prehypertension in 2003. This study was to explore the relationship between prehypertension and risks of incidence stroke, and to provide the basis information for the prevention and treatment of hypertension. Those people who are with high-normal blood pressure are reminded to have a relatively high risk of cardiovascular diseases. Methods A meta-analysis was performed to estimate the pooled relative risk(RR) to evaluate the relationship between prehypertension and the risk of incidence stroke from cohort studies, which were identified by searching in Pubmed, Embase, ScienceDirect, Corchrane Library, Chinses CNKI and WangFang databases from January 1949 to December 2012. A total of 22 publications were found according to this method. Meta-analysis is a comprehensive analysis of the relevant literatures by the use of Excel and Review Manager software. Random effects model was used to calculate the pooled RR and 95% CI values of included literatures. Subgroup analyses were done to find out the sources of heterogeneity. Results A total of 3463 cases of stroke and 489870 participants from 13 prospective cohort studies were included in our analysis. The pooled RR of stroke was 2.00 (95%CI: 1.64 – 2.43 ; p < 0.001 ) for persons with prehypertension when compared to participants with normotension. The results showed a significant association between prehypertension and the risk of incidence stroke based on these cohort studies. Q test for heterogeneity of the data values is 52.11, P

Chinese Abstract

目的 高血壓是腦卒中三大危險因素之一,但在正常範圍之高值血壓是否也 有腦卒中發生的危險? 本文探討正常高值血壓與腦卒中風險的關係,為高血 壓防治提供依據;提醒人們關注血壓被認為是正常但又具有較高心血管疾病 風險的人群。 方法 利用中國期刊全文數據庫、萬方全文數據庫、中國博士學位論文全文 數據庫、中國優秀碩士學位論文全文數據庫、Pubmed、Embase、ScienceDirect 及 Cochrane library 數據庫,檢索由 1949 年到 2012 年國內外公開發表的關於 正常高值血壓與腦卒中關係的隊列研究文獻,共收集到 22 篇文獻。採用 Meta 分析的方法對相關文獻進行綜合分析,利用 Excel 及 RevMan 軟體,對不同納 入標準的結果進行隨機效應模型計算檢索文獻的合併 RR 值及其 95%CI 值, 根據文獻異質性檢驗結果進行了亞組分析,用森林圖和漏斗圖評估發表偏倚。 結果 納入 META 分析的共 13 篇,隨訪隊列總人數為 489870 例,累計腦卒 中患者 3463 例。 經 META 分析,與理想血壓者相比,正常高值血壓患者腦 卒中發病的 RR 值為 2.00 (95%CI 值: 1.64~2.43),提示正常高值血壓可能為是 腦卒中的危險因素。 結論 除高血壓外,正常高值血壓也與腦卒中的患病相關,需要更多的注意。 對這部分診為“正常高值”的人群治療不容忽視。

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Hypertension -- Prevention

高血壓 -- 預防

Cerebrovascular disease




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