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趕黃草護肝藥理篩選及藥學研究 / Study on liver protective effect and pharmaceutical design of Penthorum chinense Pursh / Hu Yangyang.

English Abstract

Penthorum Chinense Pursh, a traditional Chinese medicine derived from Chinese ethnic group Miao, has been used to protect liver from damaging by alcohol and toxins for a long history. Modern research have showed that Penthorum Chinense Pursh containing many active ingredients such as alkaloids, flavonoids, glucose, and so on. It has a variety of activities, including detoxification, activating blood and dissolving stasis, liver-protecting, tonifying spleen, as well as anti-virus. However, until now, the liver protective effect of Penthorum Chinense Pursh remains blurry. In order to broaden the application of Penthorum Chinense Pursh, this study was designed to identify its active constitutes and explore the mechanism in protecting liver damage. In order to obtain stable samples, the chemical constitutes and extraction process were studied. Based on the in vitro t-BHP/ethanol-induced liver damage model, I found that the water extract of Penthorum Chinense Pursh could significantly protect HL-7702 cells from t-BHP induced damage, and the mechanism may be associated with its ability of scavenging ROS generation. In conclusion, with the aim to provide scientific foundation for further development and application of Penthorum Chinense Pursh, this study partially clarified its chemical constitutes and pharmacological mechanism, as well as a preliminary formulation for developing effervescent tablets. This study may benefit the further application of Penthorum Chinense Pursh in clinic.

Chinese Abstract

趕黃草為扯根菜屬虎耳草科的乾燥地上部分,是我國苗族傳統藥物,長期以 來被用於改善飲酒和藥物所致的肝臟損害。現代研究表明,趕黃草中主要含有黃 酮、生物鹼、多糖等成分,具有清熱利濕、活血、解毒、平肝、健脾等作用。已 有的藥學研究方法已對趕黃草中活性成分及藥理作用進行不斷的探究,為趕黃草 的應用開闢廣闊前景。然而,目前趕黃草的物質基礎和作用機制均不明,很大程 度上限制了其臨床應用。為了保證藥材提取物的穩定性,本研究首先對趕黃草的 化學物質基礎、提取工藝和品質控制進行了研究。利用課題組建立的體外肝損傷 模型,發現趕黃草水提物對 t-THP 誘導的損傷具有明顯的保護作用,而對乙醇誘 導的模型保護作用則不明顯。進一步通過 Hochest 染色法、JC-1 染色法、細胞內 ROS 的檢測和凋亡相關蛋白的表達的檢測發現,趕黃草水提物的保護作用可能 是通過清除 t-THP 所誘導產生的 ROS,繼而減少其所產生的凋亡來實現保護作 用的。此外,本文還通過原料性質、輔料種類、工藝優化等項目考察,初步制得 品質穩定,工藝重現性較好的趕黃草泡騰片。基於這些研究結果,本研究為進一 步深入研究和開發利用趕黃草提供了理論依據和實踐指導。

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Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences




Pharmacology -- China

藥理學 -- 中國

Medicinal plants -- China

藥用植物 -- 中國



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