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高速逆流色譜法製備分離香附中香附烯酮和ΑLPHA-香附酮 / Preparative separation of cyperotundone and α-cyperone from Cyperus rotundus by high speed counter-current chromatography / Wong Wai Ieng.

English Abstract

Cyperus rotundus Linn. (purple nutsedge; family Cyperaceae) is used as a traditional medicine in China, Japan and India. The plant has been used for the treatment of spasms and stomach disorders, dysmenorrhea, menstrual irregularities, analgesic and anti-inflammatory in folklore remedies. Previous phytochemical investigation indicated that the active constituents of C. rotundus are essential oil, and α-cyperon was the major compound. The pharmacological studies indicated that the essential oil from C. rotundus showed anti-pyretic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant and antiplatelet effect. In this thesis, ASE and reflux method were carried out for the essential oil extraction. And a pair of isomer, cyperotundone and α-cyperone, with high purity were successfully separated and purified from the essential oil of C. rotundus by high speed counter-current chromatography (HSCCC). There are mainly three chapters for the thesis. Chapter I introduced the background and strategy for the present study. It is a review for the study on chemical constituents and pharmacologic actions of the essential oil of C. rotundus and so on. ChapterⅡ introduced the research on extraction of the essential oil from C. rotundus. The extraction was carried out by using ASE, and reflux and so on. Chapter III introduced the experiment on isolation and purification of compounds from essential oil of C. rotundus using HSCCC. The HSCCC method of one-step separating cyperotundone and α-cyperone from the essential oil of C. rotundus was established for the first time.

Chinese Abstract

香附又名莎草根,為莎草科多年生草本植物莎草(Cyperus rotundus L.) 的乾燥 根莖。是中國、日本及印度等國家的傳統藥物。可用於治療胃腸不適,消化不良, 月經不調,消炎鎮痛,是中醫重點常用中藥。香附的主要有效成份為揮發油,其中 主要成份為α-香附酮。 本論文對香附揮發油的提取方法進行了研究,並且採用高速逆流色譜法(High Speed Countercurrent Chromatography )對香附揮發油進行分離和純化,成功建立了 一次性分離出高純度的香附烯酮(cyperotundone) 和 α-香附酮(α-cyperone)單體的分 離方法,為進一步的藥理和品質控制研究提供了物質基礎。 本論文主要包括三個章節。 第一章介紹本課題的研究背景,並在已有報道的研究方法和數據基礎上進行總 結,對香附揮發油的化學成分和藥理作用等的研究進展進行了綜述。 第二章介紹了香附揮發油的提取方法。利用加即溶劑提取法及溶劑回流法提取 香附揮發油。 第三章使用高效逆流色譜法對香附揮發油進行分離研究,首次建立了一次性分 離純化香附揮發油中香附烯酮(cyperotundone) 和 α-香附酮(α-cyperone)的分離方 法。

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Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences




Materia medica -- China -- Analysis

藥物學 -- 中國 -- 化學分析

Pharmaceutical chemistry


Drugs -- Analysis

藥物 -- 化學分析



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