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大學生父母教養方式, 自我調節學習和學業拖延的關係

English Abstract

The aim of this study is to examine the effect of academic procrastination on college students’ life in the mainland of China. Both parenting style and self-regulating learning are involved in this research. And their strong influence on academic procrastination will be discussed, so as to test the mediating effect of self-regulated learning. The present research is carried out by distributing and collecting participants’ questionnaire. The author use both SPSS20.0 and LAVAANstatistical software to analyze the valid data. The results suggest that: 1) academic procrastination tendency presents differences in grades of target participants are in. The tendency ratio of senior students to lower grades students is much higher. 2) parenting style can predict students’ self-regulating learning ability. Among all parenting styles, authoritative parenting style is the most effective 3) parenting style can foresee reduction willingness of students’ academic procrastination. Authoritative parenting style again has stronger influence. 4) self-regulated learning ability can predict procrastination tendency. 5) self-regulated learning ability can foresee procrastination reduction willingness. 6) served as mediating effect, self-regulated learning partly mediates academic procrastination tendency. To conclude, the author suggests that parents are advised to adopt authoritative parenting style. And through this way, it can improve self-regulated learning ability, so as to avoid procrastination to a certain degree. At the same time, college, educator, and parents should join hands to handle this issue and take measures to prevent academic procrastination.

Chinese Abstract

本研究旨在調查了解內地大學生學業拖延的普遍狀況,同時,將父母教養方 式和自我調節學習這兩個概念納入,探討兩者對於學業拖延的影響,並且希望能 夠檢驗自我調節學習的中介效應。研究採用發放問卷調查的方式,並且用 SPSS20.0 和 LAVAAN 統計軟件進行數據分析處理。研究結果表明:1)學業拖延 傾向在年級上存在差異,其中高年級的拖延傾向顯著高於低年級;2)父母教養方 式對子女的自我調節學習能力具有預測作用,同時,民主型教養方式單獨預測自 我調節學習能力的效果最強,3)父母教養方式對子女的學業拖延減少意願具有預 測作用,同時,民主型教養方式單獨預測學業拖延減少意願的效果最強;4)自我 調節學習能力對拖延傾向具有預測作用;5)自我調節學習能力對拖延減少意願具 有預測作用;6)在父母教養方式對子女學業拖延的影響裏,自我調節學習能力起 到了部分中介的效應,民主型的教養方式通過自我調節學習能力部份中介了學業 拖延傾向。本研究給予的啟示為:家長應採用民主型的教養方式,這樣可以幫助 子女提高自我調節學習的能力,從而避免學業拖延現象的出現。同時,學校、教 育工作者、家庭都應重視學業拖延問題,希望能採取相應的措施預防學業拖延的 產生。

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Child rearing -- China

兒童教養 -- 中國

Parent and child -- China

父母與未成年子女 -- 中國

College students -- China

大專學生 -- 中國




Lin, Sieh Hwa

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