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English Abstract

This study investigated into intimate relationship of adolescents in Macau. It aims at (1) understanding intimate experience of adolescents, as well as their ethical dilemmas and developmental challenges encountered in intimate relationships, (2) examining adolescents’ perceptions and attitudes towards intimate relationship, (3) reflecting on researcher’s own role as sex educator in the hope of attaining a desirable viewpoint on sex education that meets adolescents’ learning and development needs. The study adopted the qualitative research method, using semi-structured in-depth interviews to collect data. Eight adolescents(four males and four females), aged from 18-22, who have been engaged in intimate relationships participated in this study and each were given an interview individually. By listening to the stories of intimate experience of the participants, the researcher identified three main sources of ethical dilemmas and developmental challenges they encountered in intimate relationships, including ‘puzzles on sex and love’, ‘difficulties in maintaining relationships with the opposite sex’ and ‘coping with external pressure’. In addition, the researcher also found that there exists among the participants quite a variety of interpretations on the meaning of ‘intimate relationship’, including ‘physical contact and privacy disclosure’, ‘fulfillment of emotional needs’ and ‘companionship’. Also, the participants’ attitudes towards intimate relationships are found to be quite serious, and their capacity as well as willingness to learn to get along with their lovers are relatively high. Most of the participants believe that ‘sex’ is permissible only on the basis of ‘love’ , viz., a stable relationship. Drawing from the findings of this study, the researcher proposed that in order to enable adolescents to establish and maintain healthy intimate relationships, any teachings on adolescents’ intimate relationhships should be built upon good communication with adolescents, avoiding unreasonable interference and upholding the educator’s role as ‘companion’. Suggestions on sex education pedagogies in various aspects were also offered so as to share among educators the practical insights from the discussions. It is hoped that the aims of sex education as character education can be adequately envisaged and realized by mutual efforts of educators, and that the general public can gain a more proper understanding of the meaning and the importance of sex education.

Chinese Abstract

本研究主要探討澳門青少年的親密關係經驗,旨在(1)深入了解青少年的 親密關係經驗,以及他們在親密關係中所遇到的倫理難題和成長挑戰,(2)從中 考察青少年對親密關係的解讀、想法及態度,(3)讓研究者反思自身的性教育角 色,試圖建立一種切合青少年學習和發展需要的性教育觀點。 本研究採用質性研究方法,以半結構式的深度訪談法蒐集資料,向八名(男 女各四名)18-22 歲、已有親密關係經驗的青少年進行個別訪談。 透過聆聽八位青少年的親密關係經驗故事,研究者發現他們在親密關係中所 遇到的倫理難題和成長挑戰的主要來源有三,包括‘性與愛的疑問’ 1、‘兩性交往 的困難’及‘面對外來壓力’。另外,研究者也發現青少年對親密關係的意義抱有不 同的解讀標準,包括‘身體接觸及私隱表露’、‘情感需要的滿足’及‘共同生活’,而 他們對親密關係建立的想法和態度似乎都較為認真,具備學習共處的能耐和意 願,也大都認為‘性’必須建基於‘愛’(穩定的感情關係)。 根據本研究的發現,研究者建議施教者在面對青少年開展親密關係時,該先 與青少年建立良好的溝通橋樑,冷靜對待及避免不合理的干涉,好好守護著成年 人作為青少年同行者的教育角色,以扶助青少年建立健康的親密關係。同時,研 究者也對性教育的教與學提出建議,讓施教者有所借鑑,期望能共同讓性教育作 為人格教育的目的得以實現,也讓社會大眾對性教育的內涵及重要性取得更全面 的理解。

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Sex instruction for youth -- Macau

青少年人之性教育 -- 澳門



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