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羅忼烈治詞業績研究= An investigation of Luo Kang-lie and his achievement of Ci

English Abstract

Luo Kang-lie, a specialist of Chinese classical literature, makes a significant contribution in the field of Poetry, Ci, Qu , philology, exegesis, ancient phonology. He is not only known as a investigator but also a creator of Ci. His writing collection named .The writing period of Prof. Luo can be traced back to the 1950's,which spanning five decades. His academic achievements in classical literature are well known, and his academic research articles are widely referred. But the research of his writing is almost a blank. Prof. Sze Yee Tui thinks he is the “second” in the poetry of Hong Kong, whose position only after Prof. Rao Zong-Yi. It is a great pity we only studied his academic achievements while ignoring his creation. This paper is divided into three chapters: The first chapter is to provide an overview of Ci in twentieth century; The second chapter is a brief introduction of the Prof. Luo’s life story and contacts; The third chapter is to investigate Mr. Luo’s achievement of Ci, through a analysis of creation, textual research and discussed of Ci.

Chinese Abstract

羅忼烈(一九一八~二〇〇九),中國古典文學專家,對詩、詞、曲和文字學、 訓詁學、古音學等領域均深有貢獻。先生除了以專研詞曲聞名外,也有相當豐富 的詞作,其作品主要收錄於《兩小山齋樂府》一書中。羅忼烈先生撰作時間可上 溯至二十世紀五十年代,創作時間橫跨五十年。雖然先生的古典文學治學成就廣 為人知,其學術研究文章被廣為參考引用,但對其詞作的研究卻幾乎是一片空 白。對於這位被施議對先生稱作香港詞壇「第二人」,地位僅居於饒宗頤先生之 後的詞人,如果僅以「學者」來定位,未嘗不是可惜的。 本文共分為三章,第一章概述民國詞學的大環境,對羅忼烈先生治詞背景進 行系統梳理;第二章簡要介紹羅忼烈先生的生平事蹟及朋輩交遊;第三章從羅忼 烈先生詞的創作、考訂及論述三方面,探討羅忼烈先生在治詞方面的成績。

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Lo, Hang Lieh, 1918-2009

羅忼烈, 1918-2009

Lo, Hang Lieh, 1918-2009 -- Criticism and Interpretation

羅忼烈, 1918-2009 -- 評論及解釋

Ci (Chinese poetry) -- History and criticism

詞 (中國詩詞) -- 歷史及評論



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