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兩岸電視新聞標題語言之對比研究 = A comparative study of the language of TV news titles between Taiwan and Main-land China

English Abstract

News titles has a very important role in news reports, it is a overall summary and a brief description of the news content, and it is the entire press of "eyes". News title languages as important components of news language often embodies the language features of news report. However, there is a big difference of news language in different media. Compared with the newspaper and the new media, the TV news language has its own unique advantages. Not only the change on the popular language is very sensitive to the needs of society, and at the same time, propriety, in accordance with the official language policy, not only change on the popular language is very sensitive to the needs of society. That is to say the language of TV news can not only show the characteristics of the popular language, more can show the characteristic of "official language". Based on both sides of the TV news headline language as the breakthrough point, through comparing the differences of the TV news headline language ontology, summary of TV news language differences between different social environment on both sides of the. At the same time, the two sides media in the use of such differences in news language, the different communication effects produced by the influence of the social environment, different language, different policies on language use and development, put forward suggestions for cross-strait media language.

Chinese Abstract

新聞標題在新聞報導中有著極為重要的作用,是新聞內容的總體概括和簡要 說明,是整個新聞的“眼”。新聞標題語言作為新聞語言的重要組成部份,往往 體現著整篇新聞報導的語言特徵。 然而,不同媒介媒體的新聞語言表達上存在較大差異。相比於傳統的紙媒和 新興的網絡媒體,電視媒體在新聞語言上有著自己獨特的優勢,不僅對大眾語言 的變遷十分敏感順應社會需求,同時又要規範得體,符合官方語言政策。也就是 說電視新聞語言不僅可以展現大眾語言的特點,更可以展現出“官方語言”特 色。 本文以兩岸的電視新聞標題語言為切入點,通過對比兩岸電視新聞標題語言 本體的差異,總結两岸不同社会环境下的电视新聞語體差異。同時,對過兩岸媒 體在使用這種差異性新聞語言后,所產生的不同傳播效果,分析兩岸不同社會環 境、不同語言政策對語言的影響,為兩岸媒體語言的使用與發展提出建議。

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Television broadcasting of news -- Headlines

新聞電視廣播 -- 標題



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