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從 "華英字典" 看馬禮遜的 "廣東" 方言文化觀

English Abstract

A Dictionary of the Chinese Language, a great one of six volumes, is completed by Morrison, the first protestant missionary who comes to China two hundred years ago. It is not only a reference book for foreigners to look for Chinese characters and learn Chinese, but also an encyclopedia contains a Chinese history, geography, politics, economy, culture and other aspects of China. Its content also reflects the exchange and the collision between Chinese and western culture in the 19th century. At the time of Qing dynasty, the government implemented close-door policy. For western people who are able to land in China, firstly and mostly settled in Guangzhou and Macau, the missionary is no exception. Over 20 years in China, Morrison basically active in these two places, which are belonged to Cantonese dialect area. So "Canton", in Morrison's life plays an important role. "Canton", for a foreigner, whether in business or mission, also has a certain weight. Throughout this dictionary, it is not hard to find that "Canton” is exceptionally clear and distinctive. The center of this paper is to search out the word, phase and sentence labeling "Canton" and "Macao". Using these limited corpora as the research prototype, with the integrated use of qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, comparative study and comprehensive description methods, we can see how Morrison record "Canton" language and culture, and on the basis of sorting collection, we can realize Morrison’s concept of the regional dialect and culture: pay attention to geographical dialect and culture but slant "Canton", attach great importance to learn the local dialect, record the local culture objectively, especially pay attention to local religious beliefs, at the same time he reveals his feelings in the real record.

Chinese Abstract

《華英字典》這部六卷本的巨著,是由兩百年前首位來華基督教新教傳教士 馬禮遜編纂完成的。其不僅是一部為外國人查閱漢字、學習漢語的工具書,更是 一部囊括了中國歷史、地理、政治、經濟、文化等方方面面的百科全書,其內容 也體現出了 19 世紀中西文化之間的交流與碰撞。 由於那時的清政府閉關鎖國,對於能夠登陸到中國的西洋人來說,一般最先 且最多居住下來的地方就是廣州和澳門,傳教士也不例外。馬禮遜在華 20 餘年, 基本也就在這兩地奔波忙碌,活躍於這塊廣東方言區。故“廣東”,在馬禮遜的 一生中佔有重要的地位。“廣東”,對於外國人,不論是經商還是傳教,也都有 著一定的分量。通觀這部字典,不難發現,“Canton”格外搶眼。 本論文的中心就是通過窮盡式搜索出帶“Canton”和“Macao”標記的字、 詞、句,將其作為研究藍本,綜合運用定量分析、定性分析、對比研究和全面描 寫的方法,透過這些有限的語料,看馬禮遜是如何記錄“廣東”語言和文化的, 並在整理分析的基礎上,窺探馬禮遜的一種地域方言文化觀:重地緣偏“廣 東”,注重學習當地方言,客觀看待當地文化,尤其關注當地宗教信仰,在真實 記錄的同時流露自己的內心情感。

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Morrison, Robert, -- 1782-1834. -- Dictionary of the Chinese language

馬禮遜, -- 1782-1834. -- 華英字典

Cantonese dialects -- China -- Kuang Tung Province

廣東方言 -- 中國 -- 廣東省

Chinese language -- Dialects -- China -- Kuang Tung Province

漢語 -- 方言 -- 中國 -- 廣東省



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