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"韓詩外傳" 與 "史記" 記述孔子異同的研究 = A research on similarities and differences of described Confucius in Han Shi Wai Zhuan and Shi Ji

English Abstract

This thesis aims to study Confucius. The first chapter is the introduction. On the basis of Shi Ji,the second chapter of this thesis is to explain the Ideological tendency of Han Shi Wai Zhuan that is loyal to Confucius. The third chapter is to investigate the close relationship between Han Shi Wai Zhuan and the holiness of Confucius. Therefore,base on the readme of Confucius in The Analects of Confucius,the fourth chapter divides the experience of Confucius into three periods and is to explain the similarities and differences of described Confucius ,which are recorded in Han Shi Wai Zhuan and Shi Ji. Through the explanation above,this thesis is not only to prove that these two canons are complementing each other in the compromise of Confucius,but to confirm that the ideological life of Han Shi Wai Zhuan is derived from the thought of Confucius, so that the misinterpretation of Historian Ban Gu towards Han Shi Wai Zhuan can be corrected.

Chinese Abstract

本文的研究焦點是孔子。正文第一章乃緒論,第二章以《史記》為勘論基點,探 討《韓詩外傳》宗法孔子的意識。在初步確定《韓詩外傳》宗法孔子的意識後,進一 步探究《韓詩外傳》與“聖德”的緊密聯繫,這是第三章。以此為思想平臺,第四章 透過《韓詩外傳》和《史記》記述孔子事蹟異同的勘議,並以《論語》孔子自述為典 要,從三個階段(孔子之中年期、孔子五十歲後仕魯及周遊之期、孔子之晚年期)考 述孔子的生平和思想。一方面,從中發現二書在記述孔子事蹟所存在共通之處和差異 之處,說明二者在“折中孔道”上乃相得益彰;另一方面,圓照地考察《韓詩外傳》, 證明其思想生命乃源於孔子,撥正班固《漢書》認為《韓詩外傳》“或取《春秋》,采 雜說,咸非其本義”的觀點,從而還歸《韓詩外傳》在思想史中所應有的價值和地 位。本文的主要研究方法乃“本經證經”、“以漢歸漢”。

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Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities




Confucius -- Criticism and interpretation

孔子 -- 評論及解釋

Han, Ying, active 150 B.C. Han shih wai chuan

韓嬰, 活躍於公元前 150. 韓詩外傳

司馬遷, 約公元前 145-約公元前 86. 史記

Ssu Ma, Chien, approximately 145-approximately 86 B.C. Shih chi



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