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"金粉世家" 稱謂語研究 = A research on terms of address in Jinfen Shijia

English Abstract

Appellation is a very important class in the Chinese language. It directly reflects the relationship among persons, their attitudes towards each other, the education level, the psychological states of the persons in a relational situation. This thesis explores what changes would happen under different person’s relationship, interaction environment, psychological states, and the reason for these changes. The thesis use the novel < Jinfen Shijia >, published by An Hui Publishing House in 1985, taking all cases where appellation is used to make a data set, and then analyze and classify the usage of appellations from three dimensions: person’s relationship, setting, and psychological states, making tables of them based the three dimensions. I then use statistical methods to analyze the frequency of the usage of particular appellation under different conditions of person’s relationship, setting, and psychological states, and explore the reason behind the changes. These analyses produced many interesting results, increased our knowledge of topic. Past literature largely take classical or early novels as subject of study. This thesis takes a contemporary novel as a subject for study, the present study fill in the gap of the research. Past research on appellation largely use qualitative methods, subjectively select cases to support the argument of the authors, the present study use quantitative methods as the primary methods to study appellation, relying on objective frequency to reflect the fact of appellation patterns, achieving much more objective results, making useful contributions to the knowledge of appellation usage.

Chinese Abstract

漢語稱謂語是語言系統中極爲重要的一個類別,是最直接反映出交際成員的 人際關係、態度親疏、文化素養,心理狀態的語言形式。本文探討在不同人物關 係、交際環境、心理狀態等因素的作用下,稱謂語的使用有什麽變化,產生這種 變化的依據又是什麽。本文以現有的安徽文藝出版社 1985 版《金粉世家》為底 本,對小說中的稱謂語作窮盡式提取,製作《金粉世家》稱謂詞語料庫。在此基 礎之上,對所提取的稱謂詞從人物關係、場景、心理狀態三個角度進行梳理和歸 納,並對這些稱謂詞、人物關係、場景特徵進行分類並制表,然后進行相關詞頻 的統計分析。通過對以上數據的統計結果,分別得出在人物關係、場景、心理狀 態這三個不同條件的影響下,稱謂語的使用有什麽變化,進而分析出產生這種變 化的依據。這些分析得出的結論增加了我們對稱謂語使用變化規律的認識。過去 專書稱謂研究的對象基本上以上古文獻及近代小說為主,而現代文學作品稱謂研 究則鮮有人論及,本文以現代文學著作《金粉世家》的稱謂語作為研究對象,彌 補了現代文學作品稱謂專書研究的薄弱環節。在以往的稱謂詞專書研究中,大都 以定性方法為主,鮮有用到定量方法,本文以定量方法為主要研究手段研究稱謂 語。此方法把語言現象通過數的形式,即“量”的高頻反映出來,經過計算得到 分析對象的客觀數值,對其變量進行描述從而認識客觀規律,具有一定的社會語 言學價值。 關鍵字:金粉世家;稱謂語;專書研究;定量方法

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Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities


Department of Chinese




Chinese language -- Address, Forms of

漢語 -- 稱謂

Forms of address -- China

稱謂 -- 中國

Chinese fiction -- 20th century

中國小說 -- 20 世紀



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