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民國詞人盛配白話詞研究= Research on the vernacular Ci poetry by Sheng Pei as a poet of the Republic of China

English Abstract

Sheng Pei (1909-2001), one of the celebrated Chinese poets in contemporary time, was originally from Wenling City, Zhejiang Province, China. Having the Chinese style name of ‘Shandai’ and the Pseudonym of ‘Shengshengling’, Sheng was once went to Xiamen University, for the reason to follow and study under Lu Xun. Through his whole life, Sheng was an adorer of poetry, and called himself as ‘Tun Tian Zou Zu’. Prof. Sze Yee Tui stated that Sheng was ‘very much skilled in composing poetry with a free and natural style of writing, and without any pursuit of fame and wealth’, and with Shen Yi Liu’s remark to Sheng as a ‘miraculous man in the world’. Sheng left lots of poetry works after his death, including Shuang Wadang Yan Shi Ci Gao around 2000 poetry works, and The Encyclopaedia of Mode and Tonality of Poetry. This thesis, Research on the Vernacular Ci Poetry by Sheng Pei as a poet of the Republic of China, is divided into two parts, with the first part as an analysis: firstly, to probe into the contemporary poet, Sheng Pei’s personal life; secondly, to make analyses in accordance to selected vernacular poetry written by Sheng Pei; thirdly, to draw a comprehensive analysis of the characteristics in Sheng’s vernacular poetry, in a total of three parts as one of the two research purposes in this thesis. While the second part as the commentary part: originated from Prof. Sze Yee Tui’s comment in Shuang Wadang Yan Shi Ci Gao, Preface – ‘after a consultation with Prof. Yu Bo, Sheng’s son-in-law, now we have decided to rearrange and publish the vernacular poetry works written by Sheng Pei from the year of 1978 (Sheng’s age of 70) to 1987 (Sheng’s age of 79), hoping to widely disseminate Sheng’s vernacular poetry’, now with this reason to collect, proofread and collate Sheng Pei’s poetry, and incorporate brief and personal commentary in addition, which means through the providing of Sheng’s classic works of vernacular poetry, as another research purpose in this thesis.

Chinese Abstract

盛配(1909──2001),當代著名詞人之一。浙江溫嶺人,字山帶,自號盛盛陵, 曾為追隨魯迅而負笈廈門大學求學。盛配平生愛詞並自署為屯田走卒,所作嚴協音 律,並善以文為詞,毫端鹵莽而自然澹泊(施議對語)。沈軼劉驚為天下畸人。身後書 稿山積,有雙瓦當硯室詩稿詞稿各二千餘首、《詞調詞律大典》等行世。 本文《民國詞人盛配白話詞研究》分為上、下篇兩部份。上篇為論述部份:第 一,探討當代詞人盛配的個人生平;第二,以選取之盛配白話詞作為題材分析;第 三,綜合論述盛配白話詞的特點,共三部份作為本文研究的目的之一。下篇為評點部 份:緣於施議對教授在《雙瓦當硯室詞稿.序》中說:「經與其婿于渤教授商議,茲將 一九七八年七十歲,至一九八七年七十九歲,十年之間所作詞,整理刊行,以廣流 傳。」1的因由,現將盛配詞稿,經收集、校對、整理後再加上個人的簡略評點,即透 過提供盛配白話詞的經典文本,作為本文研究目的之二。 1施議對主編,陳炳強、陳永盛、莊文永副主編,《九歌》(澳門:澳門詩社出版,2010),45。

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Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities


Department of Chinese




Sheng Pei, -- 1909-2001 -- Criticism and interpretation.

盛配, -- 1909-2001 -- 評論及解釋.

Ci (Chinese poetry).

詞 (中國詩詞).



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