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施叔青的 "異鄉人" 及其 "香港三部曲" 研究 = A study of Shi Shu-Ching's "strangers" and "Hong Kong Trilogy : City of the Queen"

English Abstract

Shi Shu-Ching is one of the major writers born and raised in modem Taiwan. Most of her life time are constantly swinging around Taiwan, New York, Manhaten, and Hong Kong, she is always on the situation of wavering, and migrating. Under the impact of Eastern and Western cultures from these places, generated Shi Shu-Ching’s novel creative theme in tandem with her life experience rather different style. Modernism, existentialism, surrealism, feminism and postcolonial theory, are all involved in her work. Described the fate of those characters in tandem with the Shi Shu-Ching constantly in different geographical locations and out of a different race, culture, class, free and Wanderers. No matter those are willing to migrate and be a strange in those foreign land or not. Inside Shi’s late novel “Hong Kong Trilogy:City of the Queen”, wanderers are the biggest theme during these years. This thesis wants to talk about Shi Shu-ching and her “Hong Kong Trilogy:City of the Queen” , also those strangers, loneliness and axiuty in the foreign land. There will have a loneliness and anxiuty comperhensive review of the changes and results of Shi Shu-Ching in Taiwan, New York and Hong Kong different stages’ novel ceation. In the beginning of the thesis, there will talk about Shi Shu-ching’s life experience and her novel creative process in combing the “stranger” subject. During the narrative of this part, there will comb with those senior researchers’ opinions, wish to get a whole picture of Shi’s work. Secondly, there will be a whole narrative of “stranger” and its relationship with Shi’s work. In the third chapter, there will be focused on the analysis of the “stranger” in the “Hong Kong Trilogy:City of the Queen”. In order to add this theme, there will be overlooked by previous commentators common feature on the basis of the “stranger” in the different periods of the novel outline Shi Shu-Ching, the fate of the different periods’ strangers analysis, re-examine Shi Shu-Ching’s “strangers” supplementary points and its novel mentality embodied in the remote lost soul to do a overall combing.

Chinese Abstract

本文題目為:施叔青的「異鄉人」及其《香港三部曲》研究 施叔青是台灣土生土長的主要作家之一,她大半生時間都在台灣、紐約曼 克頓及香港不斷回返、遊移、遷徙。東西文化撞擊下,生成施叔青的小說創作 主題亦隨她不同旅居經驗而風格不同。現代主義、存在主義、超現實主義、女 性主義及後殖民理論等,無不涉及在她的作品中。而筆下的人物命運亦隨施叔 青不斷在不同地域進出而產生不同種族、文化、階級等遊離者及漂泊者等,這 些漂泊者不論是自願或非自願遷移到陌生的「他鄉」,都有著共同的理想,就是 藉「他鄉」尋找心靈的歸宿。後期的小說《香港三部曲》中的漂泊者更是作家 歷年之最。因此,本文主要探討施叔青及《香港三部曲》中「異鄉人」在「他 鄉」面對孤獨及焦慮問題。並回顧施叔青在台灣、紐約及香港的小說創作變化 及成果。 本文首先在諸論中,以施叔青的生命序曲作展開,再把其小說創作歷程作 出仔細梳理,以見其在「異鄉人」課題的書寫,當中配合不少前人對施叔青的 研究成果來展開闡述,然後用第三章的篇幅分析《香港三部曲》中「異鄉人」 研究以及結語。其中,以第二、三章為重點。第一章,主要對施叔青生平及其 小說回顧,第二章為「異鄉人」主題的梳理,第三章是《香港三部曲》中「異 鄉人」的分析。本文務求能夠補充這被前人論者忽略的主題,本文在勾勒施叔 青不同時期小說中「異鄉人」的共同特點基礎上,通過對不同時期「異鄉人」 的命運分析,重新檢視施叔青對「異鄉人」在異鄉失去心靈方面作點補充及對 其小說中體現的心路歷程做一整體梳理。

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Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities


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Shih, Shu Ching, -- 1945- -- Criticism and interpretation

施叔青, -- 1945- -- 評論及解釋

Chinese fiction -- Women authors -- History and criticism

中國小說 -- 女作家 -- 歷史及評論

Chinese fiction -- 20th century -- History and criticism

中國小說 -- 20 世紀 -- 歷史及評論



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