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論殘雪小說中的孤獨意識 = The loneliness in Can Xue's novel

English Abstract

The present paper is focused on the loneliness in Can Xue’s novel, and based on that to further explore the characteristics and value of the novels. The loneliness is the necessity of self-reflection and analysis. It comes from the individual’s experience and thinking on the surrounding environment and own survival situation. The loneliness which exists widely in Can Xue’s novel is her experience and thinking on the destiny and the presence. The loneliness reflects the writer's unique thinking and creation. Though it, we can better understand her creative thinking and analyze the value of her novels, at the same time, we can also feel and think about the ethos in the culture of modern society. On the basis of researching and analyzing the relative materials and documents, using the methods of close textual analysis, inductive analysis and comparative research, combined with the biographies and works of Can Xue and Kafka, with the use of Benjamin academic thought and relative modern western literary theories, also reference to Kafka's works, we can analyze the loneliness in Can Xue’s novel, in order to make deeper interpretation of Can Xue’s novel.

Chinese Abstract

本論文所研究的是殘雪小說中的孤獨意識,以此為出發點有助於進一步發掘 小說中的特質與價值。孤獨意識產生於個體對周圍環境和自身生存境遇的體驗和 思考,是自我反思和剖析作用的必需品。殘雪的孤獨意識廣泛地存在其小說之中, 是對自身命運和存在的深刻體驗與思考。孤獨意識體現了作家自身在思維和創作 上的獨特性,因此通過分析殘雪小說作品中的孤獨意識將有助於我們更好地瞭解 殘雪的創作思維和解析其小說所蘊含的價值,更好地感受與思考現代社會的文化 精神特質。在研究分析所掌握的相關文獻資料基礎之上,擬採用文本細讀、歸納 分析和比較研究等方法,結合殘雪、卡夫卡等人的評傳和作品,運用本雅明的學 術思想和相關的西方現代主義文學理論並參照卡夫卡的作品来解析殘雪小說及 其小說中的孤獨意識,以期對殘雪的小說做出更為深入的新的解讀。 關鍵字:殘雪小說;孤獨意識;現代主義文學

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Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities




Tsan Hsueh, 1953- -- Criticism and interpretation

殘雪, 1953- -- 評論, 解釋, 等

Chinese fiction -- 20th century -- History and criticism

中國小說 -- 20 世紀 -- 歷史及評論

Chinese Studies (Literature Studies) -- Department of Chinese

中國文學 -- 中文系



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