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Assessing the shopping experience and satisfaction among the free individual travellers from Mainland China in Macao

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ABSTRACT Previous studies have significant evidence that shopping has been an important role in tourist activities. A good shopping experience is therefore crucial to retain tourists as well as to arouse revisit intention. Thus, tourists’ shopping satisfaction should definitely deserve major concerns. Since Macao ranked 21st in the number of tourist in the world (World Tourism Organization, 2006) and its economy depends majorly on tourism. A research investigating tourists’ shopping satisfaction level is critical and crucial in order to retain more revisit tourists and to attract more new tourists. The purpose of this research is to assess the shopping satisfaction and experiences of the Free Individual Travellers (FITs) from Mainland China, who are currently the major source of visitors in Macao. Specially, it aims to understand the FIT shoppers’ perceptions of shopping experience in Macau and the attributes to shopping satisfaction in order to create a better shopping environment for FITs. This research investigated effects of socio-demographic variables and different in travel patterns on tourists’ spending expenditure, satisfaction level and shopping attributes which are important to FIT tourists. It explored whether different demographic groups would perceive diverse satisfaction level and of quality attributes at shops and overall shopping environment. This research also examined the possibility of bringing repeat visiting, expanding spending amount and lengthen the average stay of the FIT visitors by enhancing Macao’s shopping facilities. Based on previous research, a quantitative survey method by surveying the FITs through a structured questionnaire was used to obtain data in different shopping locations. “Performance-only” analysis model was adopted assess the satisfaction level of different shopping attributes among FITs. Among 31 shopping attributes, FITs were asked to rate the 6 most important shopping attributes. The results reveals that the respondents are mostly satisfied with their shopping experience and the shopping attributes in Macao. Significant difference in level of satisfaction of certain shopping attributes was observed in relations to the respondents’ socio-demographic characteristics and the purpose as well as the length of visit. Respondents’ socio-demographic characteristics and travel purpose were also found to have significant difference in their shopping expenditure in Macao. Also, Price of goods was rated as the most important attributes among 31 attributes. Policy makers and marketers are suggested to make changes and improvement on certain attributes which were important to and dissatisfactory for the FITs. Keywords: Tourists shopping; Mainland Chinese visitors, Free Individual Travellers, Consumer behavior; Shopping satisfaction & experience, Macao

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Chu, Yen Ning


Faculty of Business Administration


Department of Management and Marketing




Consumers -- China -- Attitudes

Consumers' preferences -- China

Consumer behavior -- China

Tourism -- China

Consumers -- Attitudes


Wan, Yim King

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