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Job satisfaction of an aging workforce : a positive psychological capital approach

English Abstract

This study examines the relationship between psychological capital (PsyCap) and organizational behaviours like job satisfaction, job security, and turnover intention. The moderating effect of age on the relationships between PsyCap, job satisfaction, job security, and turnover intention are also examined. The employees at two factories (one in Macau and one in China) under the same corporation are studied. The results show that PsyCap is positively related to job satisfaction, job security, and negatively related to turnover intention. The results also found that age has a moderating effect on relationship between PsyCap and job satisfaction, PsyCap and job security; and PsyCap and turnover intention. The findings of this study provide further evidence on the relationship between PsyCap, job satisfaction, job security, and turnover intention. Another key finding is that PsyCap is especially more important for the older workers. When comparing the increase/decrease in job behaviour levels between old workers from low to high PsyCap and young workers from low to PsyCap levels. The increase in job satisfaction for old workers is much greater than the increase in job satisfaction levels for young workers with low. For job security, there was also an increase for older workers whereas there was no effect for young workers. Older workers showed a decrease in turnover intention whereas young workers showed an increase. Discussions and implications are presented.

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Wong, Kar Ho


Faculty of Business Administration




Management -- Department of Management and Marketing

Job satisfaction

Psychology, Industrial

Age and employment



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