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Organized crime as a social policy problem in Brazil

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Living with violence has become a daily thing in the lives of thousands of Brazilians. We emerge from home with the uncertainty of whether we will come back. Organized crime has taken account of the State, being a threat to thousands of people and the government often ignores this problem. The explosion of violence in Brazil has reached unsustainable limits. From the agricultural zone to the great metropolises, the sensation of unreliability and the fear dominates the population due to the crime increment and inefficiency of the social policy. The State does not protect its citizens and the law is inefficient. The country lives in true chaos. The population has started to realize that the State doesn’t work as well as it should, the lack of control mechanisms and, mainly, the necessity for change of the actual situation. Criminal organizations are innumerable nowadays. Politics, strategic supports, territorial, economic and social aspects, and the prison system, decisively influence the delineation of these characteristic. Even in relatively isolated, sparsely populated areas, a group will encounter social problems. One of the biggest challenges is modifying this social policy, searching to create a new way to govern society, applying serious approaches and programmes to take better control of the situation. Controlling poverty, unemployment, the prison system and legal system is the way to follow. The main objective of this research is to make academics and scientists develop forms of control of crime. Eliminating organized crime maynot be possible, but we can control it. We can’t live in a society with major social differences, in a society that is abusing the constitutional principles.

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Faria de Carvalho, Maria Carolina Marcondes


Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities


Department of Sociology




Organized crime -- Brazil

Brazil -- Social policy

Brazil -- Social conditions


Liu Jianhong

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