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Modeling and testing of a novel continuously variable transmission for heavy-duty vehicles

English Abstract

Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT) are becoming increasingly popular in automotive applications. It is believed that CVT will dominate the automotive transmissions in the future. A wide range of transmission ratio helps with reducing the engine speeds, which makes driving more comfortable and increases fuel economy. The most popular design is the Van Doorne’s CVT with single metal V-belt. However, it is applicable to light-duty vehicle and scooters only due to low torque capacity. This thesis studies a novel dual-belt CVT (DBCVT) system, in order to eliminate the limitations on the traditional single-belt CVT, so that it can be applicable to heavy-duty vehicles. This thesis is the first attempt at developing the analytical model for a novel dual-belt CVT system with experimental validation. Based on the model built, dynamic analysis of transmission process is also performed. Simulation and experimental results show that the model developed is valid and the use of dual-belt CVT can really improve the torque capacity and transmission efficiency as compared to traditional single-belt CVT.

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Chan, Ka U


Faculty of Science and Technology




Automobiles -- Transmission devices

Belt drives

Electromechanical Engineering -- Department of Electromechanical Engineering


Wong, Pak Kin

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