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String of pearls, myth or reality? : Sino-Indian interaction in Indian Ocean

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Stretching from the South China Sea to the Indian Ocean, along the sea lines of communication, does China build up military relations with respective Indian Ocean countries? Is “String of Pearls” a reality, or just a myth? The thesis is going to have a deep studies of Sino-Indian relations, Sino-Pakistan relations, Sino-Burma relations, and Sino-Sri Lanka relations, in comparison to Indian- Pakistan, Indian Burma, and Indian-Sri Lanka relations would become comparison, in order to understand the current Sino-Indian interaction more clearly. In accordance with the research of their relations in economy, political and military perspective, I found that, the evidence is relatively insufficient to prove that China has a “String of Pearls” strategy, while to India, it did take this concept as a tool to promote the perception of China threat, so as to gain a favorable balance of influence in the Indian Ocean. On the other hand, through the liberalism and realism analysis, I found that the liberalism cannot give the best explanation; instead power struggle and competition are still the main features in this String of Pearls issue. In general, it is not easy for China to establish its economic and political presence and influence in the region, not to mention an extensive network of military bases, as the theory of the “String of Pearls” claimed.

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Que, Wen Jun


Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities


Department of Government and Public Administration




China -- Foreign relations -- India

India -- Foreign relations -- China

China -- Foreign relations -- Indian Ocean Region

Indian Ocean Region -- Foreign relations -- China

China -- Foreign economic relations -- China

Indian Ocean Region -- Foreign economic relations -- China


Wang Jianwei

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