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The scope of this study is the repetition standard of the private junior high schools in Macau. Ihis study is about the exploration of discourses of repetition standard in Macau context. Two sets of data are concerned, namely government regulations, private schools repetition standard and interviews with four panel teachers from junior high schools. The interviews are transcribed and analysed through the lens of Disciplinary Power, a notion derived from Michel Foucault. The findings of the study are as follows: 1. The repetition standard possesses the characteristics of discipline as well as the technology of the discipline; 2. The repetition standard strengthens the efficiency of the panopticonism of a school; 3. The repetition system has produced examinations and calculable knowledge. It has turned students into “cases”. According to the findings, the implementation of the repetition standard of the schools provides a strong screening function, guidance and reproduction of the so-called “mainstream knowledge” function. There is repression as well as the function of the active production of “docile bodies”, thus boosting the development of education. Hence, the technology of disciplines could be an ideal framework to understand and to study the repetition system in private schools in Macau. Similarly, the practice of this repetition standard has verified the idea of the Disciplinary Power of Michel Foucault. Under the panopticon effect, everybody is disciplined and under the control in the micro-society through a chain of orders.

Chinese Abstract

本研究以澳門私校初中升留級標準作為研究對象,主要探討澳門私立學校初中升留 級標準論述的形成,以及瞭解私校實施升留級標準的內涵與實施升留級標準對學生產生 的影響。 本研究主要整理澳門教育法律法規與各私校升留級標準作為自然生成文本,再通過 質性訪談來進行資料蒐集,選取澳門四所具有初中學生的私立學校的教導主任進行質性 訪談。本研究以福柯的規訓權力作為理論基礎,採用論述分析作為分析方法。主要研究 結果為: 1. 升留級標準具有規訓特性同時亦成為規訓技術; 2. 升留級標準強化學校的全景敞視主義功效; 3. 升留級標準生產考試與可算度的知識,把學生變成 個案”。 根據研究結果顯示,學校升留級標準的規訓具強烈的篩選功能、導引而且複製所謂 “主流知識”的功能,既存有壓抑也具有積極生產 “可教育的個體”(docile bodies)的功能, 使教育發展有所推進,因而福柯的“規訓權力”是了解與研究澳門留級制度的一個新的視 野。同樣地,升留級標準的實踐亦驗證了福柯規訓權力的論述,在全景敞視原則和標準 化的規則面前, 只要通過秩序井然的命令鏈條,任何人都無處遁形,都將被控制在一 個規訓的微觀社會上。 關鍵詞: 澳門 留級 升留級標準 論述分析 規訓權力

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Faculty of Education




Grade repetition -- Macau

留級 -- 澳門

Middle school education -- Macau

高級小學至初級中學之教育 -- 澳門

Promotion (School) -- Macau

升級(學校) -- 澳門

School management and organization -- Macau

學校管理及組織 -- 澳門



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