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Wastewater treatment and reuse using A²O procesA2O process coupled with microfiltration /

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A laboratory-scale anaerobic/anoxic/oxic (A2O) reactor followed by the microfiltration (MF) system was operated to evaluate the performance on the organics and nutrients removal from synthetic and real wastewater and find the effluent reuse potential. In synthetic wastewater test, the effects of hydraulic retention time (HRT) and internal recycle ratio, as the operating parameters, as well as the characteristics of influent wastewater, such as influent C/P ratios were investigated for the A 2O process. The optimum performance of the A2O reactor was realized at 13.8-h HRT with the internal recycle ratio of 200% of the influent flux. When the influent C/N ratio was at 10 or above and the C/P ratio was at around 200, the effluent quality for the reactor was excellent, with the removal efficiency for chemical oxygen demand (COD), ammonia nitrogen (NH3-N), total nitrogen (TN), and total phosphorus (TP) at 97%, 98%, 89%, and 80%, respectively. Among operational parameters for the microfiltration (MF), the trans-membrane pressure (TMP) was not much related to the permeate quality which was affected by the quality of effluent from the pretreatment vi A 2O process. The A 2O reactor coupled with the microfiltration membrane filter showed an excellent performance on the further removal of suspended solids (SS) (to

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Lu, Qi Hong


Faculty of Science and Technology




Sewage -- Purification

Water reuse


Shim, Hojae

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