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Hong Kong in Chinese literary sources : perceptions of urban history of daily life, 1945-1949

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Hong Kong society from 1945 to 1949 was quite special . The fierce political conflict between the Guomin dang(KMT 國民黨) and the Chinese Communist Party(CCP 中 國共產黨) in mainland China made post-war Hong Kong become a relatively peaceful region. A large number of Chinese population flew into Hong Kong and exerted big influence to this city in many aspects. Meanwhile, the British Empire continued to play an important role in its colony‟s urban operation. In this sense, my thesis focuses on four major aspects of Hong Kong urban life in this special historical and social period then summarizes the features of Hong Kong daily life. My thesis will study three issues that is behind urban life. Firstly, it is interesting to study Hong Kong people's mentality and social thoughts in early post-war period. Secondly, I want to know to what extent Chinese immigrants from mainland China affected Hong Kong daily life. Lastly, I tried to discover the British Empire's influence and governance on Hong Kong society. This thesis is based on 36 pieces of primary sources published in newspapers or journals from 1945 to 1949, such as poems, fictions, essays and reportages written by some writers who migrated to Hong Kong during that period. Many of these literary iii sources were Chinese left-wing writers‟ works. In a word, by the help of literary materials and other interdisciplnary sources, this thesis aims to show Hong Kong people's real urban life and their mentality in post-war period under the British Empire and mainland China 's influences.

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Xia, Si


Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities


Department of History




City and town life in literature

City and town life -- Hong Kong -- History -- 1945-1949

Hong Kong -- History -- 1945-1949

Hong Kong -- Social conditions -- 1945-1949



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